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Zojja with a Golem

Golems are asura-created automatons, animated through the use of magically charged power crystals. They are made of stone and other semi-natural materials.

Although they are powerful combatants (owing to their structure and imposing size), they lack the intelligence of their diminutive masters. Though they are capable of rationalizing, their ability to do such is limited by their programming and they are not self-aware.[1] For this reason, they are the brawn to the asura's brain, and the combat force of choice for the artisan race.

During the time of Guild Wars 1, the Asura created the G.O.L.E.M. ("Genius-Operated Living Enchanted Manifestation".[2]) project to fend off the Destroyers attacking Rata Sum. It's the earliest moment known in Asura history where they actually fielded golems in large numbers.


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[edit] Trivia

  • Golems are programmed to play a morning alarm and say "Good morning" repeatedly when an explorable zone turns to day time.
  • The name Golem is likely based off the golems of Jewish folklore.

[edit] References

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