A Grisly Shipment

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A Grisly Shipment

1325 AE
Blighted Arch
(Malchor's Leap)
All Races
Savior of Tyria
Preceded by
Estate of Decay
Starving the Beast
Followed by
Further into Orr

A Grisly Shipment is a mission in the personal storyline in Orr for characters of all races, who have finished either Estate of Decay or Starving the Beast. This mission is for those who chose "Let's cut off the supply by sinking the ark."

Loading screen


A Grisly Shipment (level 80)

Board the submarine and travel to the ark's location.

  • Speak to Captain Antje at Fort Trinity's submarine dock.

Sink the ark that provides corpses to Zhaitan's ossuary.

  • Brief your squad on the mission.
  • Board the ark.
  • Get to the ark's hold.
  • Place the ghostfire charges in the hold.
  • Escape from the burning ark.
  • Get to the Ark's highest point.


All professions


Swim toward the ship and look for a plank leaning off the side; this is the only way to get on. It makes for a very narrow fighting space, though, so be careful and make judicious use of AoE. Once you're on the ship, eliminate all the enemies on the deck, as it will make things easier later on. Proceed to the ship's hold, again clearing out as many enemies as you can. Your allies have a tendency to get stuck fighting random things, and only Pact Researcher Maeva has a quest icon above her; try to keep everyone together, and revive defeated allies as necessary. There are a bunch of corpses laying around and giving off green gas. These are actually mines, and explode if stepped on. It can help to explode them now, since the fighting gets hectic later on. Make your way to the belly of the ship, which is partially submerged. There are a few foes to take care of undewater. After they are cleared out, talk to Pact Researcher Maeva to get Ghostfire Charges. You can drop these pretty much anywhere in the water; it doesn't really matter as long as you plant four of them in total.

The charges explode and start to burn, but the fire gets out of contol and starts to destroy the entire ship, so you need to get out as fast as possible. Fortunately, this part isn't actually timed, so there is no need to rush. After leaving the water, you will find that several new Risen have spawned throughout the hold of the ship. They are often tightly packed, and if you didn't explode all of the mines, it further reduces the amount of space you have to fight in. Get to the main deck of the ship, and then enter the aft room and climb the (nearly invisible) staircase that is on the perimeter of the room up to the "tower", clearing out Risen along the way. Once you reach the top, a cutscene plays, and a helicopter arrives to air-lift everyone to safety.

  • It is not necessary to plant the Ghostfire Charges in the hold of the ship or inside the ship at all. They can even be dropped outside of the ship and can all be placed at the same location.






Speaking to Captain Antje:

Captain Antje: The sub is ready, Commander. Marshal Trahearne and the rest of the squadare already on board. As soon as you're ready, we'll take you to the undead ark.
Talk quest option tango.png
I'm ready now. Let's go.
Talk end option tango.png
I'm not ready yet, but stand by. I'll be back soon.

Arriving at the target location (cinematic):

<Character name>: It's amazing how fast we traveled while completely submerged. Look how far we came! Now the hard work, begins, though.
Trahearne: That's right. I expect heavy resistance, but we need to push deep into the ark's main hold. That's where Maeva comes in.
Pact Researcher Maeva: I'm ready. I have plenty of Ascalonian ghostfire. It'll spark a conflagration to consume the ark and everything in it.
Pact Researcher Maeva: Remarkable stuff, ghostfire. It's unrelenting, and it burns underwater. When we're done, there won't be any bodies left for Zhaitan to reanimate.
Pact Researcher Maeva: Hats off to the charr: they took their most implacable enemy's most dangerous weapon and made it their own...and then they gave it to us.
Trahearne: A demonstration that we need to work together to defeat Zhaitan. Commander, it's your mission. Lead on.

After the cinematic:

Ikniu: This water tastes terrible. How does Zhaitan spoil a whole ocean?

Talking to Ikniu:

Ikniu: I can taste the Risen's pollution in this water. I just hope my brother Sabiti is watching to see us avenge his corruption.
Talk end option tango.png
We'll make him proud.

Approaching the ark:

Trahearne: Krait sentries. And mines. Stay alert: we can't afford to lose anyone on this mission.

When fighting begins:

Baroosh: Oho! These undead have never seen a quaggan angry. They actually look surprised.
Ikniu: Let's see you come back from this!

Upon reaching the hold:

Pact Researcher Maeva: This is the spot. The ghostfire's ready when you are Commander.

Talking to Maeva to get the charges:

Pact Researcher Maeva: The ghostfire charges are prepped and ready, Commander. We'll need four of them to do the job. I'm standing by to hand them over.
Talk quest option tango.png
I'll take one now.
Talk end option tango.png
I'm not ready yet.

After setting charges:

Pact Researcher Maeva: Glitch! It's burning much faster than I expected.
Pact Researcher Maeva: Our tests weren't done in water with this much salinity. It's accelerating the spectral combustion.
Pact Researcher Maeva: We've lost control of this situation. Evacuate, now!
Pact Researcher Maeva: Keep heading up. Being underwater isn't safe anymore.
Baroosh: Boo! Quaggan is not build for hot water. Quaggan wants to find the exit.
Ikniu: That fire isn't stopping. I want to get as far from it as I can.

Arriving at the evacuation point:

Trahearne: Wait, do you hear that? Those are the spinning blades of a charr chopper. Backup is coming.

Cinematic when helicopter arrives:

Pilot Gavros: We saw those ghostly flames and came as fast as we could. Bit ahead of schedule, wasn't it?
<Character name>: A bit. Turns out ghostfire works a little too well in these conditions. Thanks for the sharp eye and the quick save.
Trahearne: Yes, excellent work. We didn't just deprive Zhaitan of a shipload of soldiers, we destroyed the ship itself.
Pact Researcher Maeva: That's right. This tub is done making deliveries to Orr. The dragon will just have to make do with its existing shamblers.
Pilot Gavros: Congratulations. Now we need to get you out of here, fast. Come aboard if you're coming.
Trahearne: After you, Commander. This success has me thinking...when we return, I wish to discuss a few other areas of the Pact's mission that could use your help.


Unlike with most storyline missions, the instance entry star does not appear until after you speak to Captain Antje in the submarine dock below Fort Trinity. Also, if multiple players in the group are on this mission, everyone with the mission in their log must speak to Captain Antje to get credit for completion.

  • Occasionally players have found that Researcher Maeva becomes stuck in a spot on the deck above the ship's cargo hold. She will still have a star over her head and sometimes it is still possible to get the ghostfire charges from her to place in the hold. Other times however, she will not interact with players at all, requiring a mission restart.
  • Be careful when going up the stairs to the Ark's highest point. You may get stuck behind a wall if you fall from the stairs, and will have to restart the mission since you cannot get out.

My Story[edit]

A Grisly Shipment.jpg

I boarded a submarine at Fort Trinity and set out to find and sink the ark that provides Zhaitan with the corpses required to create Risen monstrosities.

I led a mission to sink the giant ark that provides Zhaitan with fresh corpses. We planted ghostfire charges aboard the ark and narrowly escaped as the magical conflagration destroyed the ark and everything on it. Now that we've crippled Zhaitan's surveillance, food supply, and troop strength, the Pact moved forward to establish a major beachhead in Orr itself.

My story