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Demmi Beetlestone

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Demmi Beetlestone

Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars 2.
Demmi Beetlestone is the daughter of Minister Caudecus, a highly influential member in The Ministry. She is encountered during the player's personal storyline if they join the Order of Whispers.

As the player's first mission as a member of the Order of Whispers, the player is sent on a mission with Tybalt Leftpaw to escort Demmi to the Order of Whispers. Demmi had agreed to provide valuable intel against her father in exchange for protection by the Order.

During the course of the mission it is revealed she was captured by local pirates. The player along with Tybalt must first rescue her from the pirates, then defend against forces sent by her father to prevent her from offering her intel.

Demmi later becomes a member of the Order of Whispers and appears in many of the player's missions.

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  • After completing this first mission, you may encounter a random event in the Harathi Hinterlands and be forced to defeat a Veteran Ministry Guard.

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