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OooOOOooo... quaggan must be brave.

— Shashoo

Shashoo is a female quaggan from the quaggan refugee village of Falooaloo. Asuran, human, and sylvari players can ally with her if they choose to aid the quaggans as part of their personal story.

After Zhaitan's defeat, she was part of the Pact fleet that was destroyed in the Heart of Maguuma, however when all the higher ranked officers from her ship died, she became in charge of the The Ordnance Corps Outpost as the highest ranking officer.

Personal story involvement[edit]


In Dragon's Domain, after killing the Mouth of Mordremoth
Chief Officer Shashoo: I am honored to fight alongside yoOo, Commander!
<Character Name>: The honor was all mine.



  • During the first few cinematics with her, Shashoo is wearing a different hat and harness.
  • She is seen wielding a Pearl Impaler initally, but is not seen with it after Evacuation. She is seen with it again in the fight against the Mouth of Mordremoth.