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OooOOOooo... quaggan must be brave.

— Shashoo

Shashoo is a female quaggan from the quaggan refugee village of Falooaloo. Asuran, human, and sylvari players can ally with her if they choose to aid the quaggans as part of their personal story.

Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to the story of Guild Wars 2.

Shashoo acts as a liaison between the order and the quaggans. In her role she gets the player's feet wet with many aspects of quaggan culture. With help from the player and their mentor, she is instrumental in helping prepare, defend, and ultimately evacuate Falooaloo. Afterwards, she helps quaggans relocate to Lion's Arch and begin settlements within large bodies of water in the surrounding areas. To repay them for the help, Shashoo and other quaggans join the player in the battle against the forces of Zhaitan in Orr.

Personal story involvement[edit]


Quaggans in the home district


A different hat during cinematics
  • During the first few cinematics with her, Shashoo uses a different basket hat/harness.