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Bhuer Goreblade

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Tribune Bhuer Goreblade is a Tribune of the Iron Legion and the current commanding officer of the Adamant Guard and other Iron Legion forces within and near the Black Citadel. He took part in the defense quorum convened to fight back the Molten Alliance.


[edit] Location

[edit] Personal storyline involvement

[edit] Dialogue

To Iron Legion charr and non-charr
"Talk to my aide, especially if you've got questions. I'm busy."
Talk end option tango.png
To non-Iron Legion charr
"Hey. You're not Iron. Thinking of jumping ship to the better legion? HA! Just kidding. Your Tribune would have my hide, I'm sure. You got questions, talk to Erracus."
Talk end option tango.png
You bet.

[edit] Trivia

His father is Ferro the Butcher, who died heroically.

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