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Ley Organ

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Ley Organ

Ley Organ.jpg

Siren's Landing
(Ruins of Orr)

Ley Organs are bundles harvested from the bodies of slain Ley-Line Scavengers.


Ruins of Orr


# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Ley-Line Blast.png Ley-Line Blast 0.75¾ Use a fraction of the organ's ley-line magic to knock your target back. Then draw weapons and prepare to fight.
2 Ley-Line Leap.png Ley-Line Leap 0.25¼ Expend the organ's ley-line magic to blast yourself into the air.
3 Reclaim.png Reclaim 4 Expend the organ's ley-line magic purifying the surrounding area.
4 Transfer Magic.png Transfer Magic 34 Transfer the organ's ley-line magic to a nearby grounding crystal.
5 Expel Excess Magic Poison.png Expel Excess Magic Poison 10.75¾ So much magic in hand is poison to your system. Get rid of it.


  • Initially, the player will only have access to a few skills from this bundle. By completing the One Path Ends story, the rest will be unlocked.
  • The bundle will be consumed on using any of the skills except Ley-Line Blast.
  • After "stowing" the bundle by using the 1 skill, leaving combat will cause your character to re-equip it.