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Transfer Magic

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Transfer Magic.png

Transfer Magic

34 Activation time  

Common Common
Ley Organ
Weapon slot 4
Game link

Transfer the organ's ley-line magic to a nearby grounding crystal.

 Range.png Range: 900

— In-game description [?]


  • When used for participation in a Renown Heart, the participation will scale with how long the action is channeled for.
    • The participation gained is approximately 50% of the channel bar after the skill meets with the Grounding Crystal, i.e. Two full channels of this skill will be enough to complete a heart.
  • Despite the range claiming to be 900, the skill can be cast on targets much further.
  • The skill will automatically target the closest Grounding Crystal in terms of displacement, not distance. This means that if a height elevation that cannot be walked down must be crossed, it will take the shortest walking path possible.