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Sorex Ripshadow

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Sorex Ripshadow


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Sorex Ripshadow is a member of the Ash Legion who oversees the hidden base of Recon Cove. He has been keeping an eye on the All-Legion Rally in Grothmar Valley to track down Renegade and Blood Legion activity on Imperator Malice Swordshadow's orders.[1][2] When Marjory Delaqua found her way into the hidden base, Malice ordered Sorex to let her stay in the cove. By the time the Pact Commander appeared in the cove, Sorex prepared to alert the guards until Marjory vouched for the Commander to keep the Ash Legion's secret.




  • Sorex is voiced by Sam Riegel.
  • Sorex is a genus of mammals which includes many of the common shrews. Sorex araneus, the common shrew's Latin name meaning 'spider mouse,' refers to the old belief that these long-snouted creatures were poisonous like some spiders, which fits with the Ash Legion's proficiency with various poisons.