Olethea Flamebane

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Olethea Flamebane is a soldier found in Victor's Presidium.




Quiet, fool! The Flame Legion are thick as fleas around here. They're building effigies.
(If charr)
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They're at it again?
Still. There's a Flame shaman holed up in the castrum up the road. He's getting his magic all riled up, and whenever he does that, effigies appear. Makes my skin crawl.
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Flame shamans are the worst.
No kidding. When we overthrew them, it was the best thing we ever did. I can't believe we let the Flame Legion control the rest of us like we did.
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It's over now.
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I see.
(If not charr)
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Effigies are constructs of magic formed by Flame Legion shamans. Nasty business and hard to kill.
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And you say they're building one around here?
We scouted the castrum down the road and learned that it's home to a shaman cooking one up. If he isn't stopped, we'll have trouble.
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Good to know.
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Ooh. I'll watch out.
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I'd better go.