Ahneta Duskclaw

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Ahneta Duskclaw is a member of the Ash Legion stationed in Duskrend Overlook that is helping to fight the local ogres.



You've come a long way to make it to Duskrend Overlook. Last stop before entering the Brand.
Talk more option tango.png
What is the purpose of this encampment?
We're trying to drive those blasted ogres back to the Brand. They've been eyeing our lands since the dragon awoke.
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What about these ogres?
They have set up a kraal just north of here. From there, they've been trying to push into old Ascalon city.
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You mentioned the Brand, what is that?
The Dragonbrand was created when Kralkatorrik flew over the land. It is a dangerous place, you may want to stay away.
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Sound ominous. I'm going to leave.
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I'm going to see these ogres for myself.
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Interesting. I'm leaving.
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Nice place you have here. I'm heading out, however.
During Drive off the ogres attacking Watchcrag Tower
You'll likely nee to help those idiots with their plan to drive the ogres away. They went northwest of here.
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Where do I need to go?
To the northwest. Let me mark it on your map.
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We'll show those flaming ogres!
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Good to know.