Ancient Mursaat Token

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Ancient Mursaat Token

Req. level
Account Bound
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Some warn that the Mursaat will return to agonize the people of Tyria once more.

+50 Power.png Power
+50 Precision.png Precision
+50 Toughness.png Toughness
+50 Vitality.png Vitality
+50 Ferocity.png Ferocity
+50 Healing Power.png Healing Power
+50 Condition Damage.png Condition Damage
+50 Boon Duration.png Concentration
+50 Condition Duration.png Expertise
Infusion Slot Unused Infusion Slot

— In-game description


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Area Zone Cost
ACLM-0403 ACLM-0403   Mistlock Sanctuary 12 Guild Commendation + Gold coin
Aori Brightcrest Aori Brightcrest   Armistice Bastion 40 Laurel + 50 Glob of Ectoplasm
Basic Magnetite Exchange Operative Basic Magnetite Exchange Operative   Lion's Arch Aerodrome 200 Magnetite Shard + 10 Gold coin
Brass Nettlemoor Brass Nettlemoor Hall of Monuments Eye of the North 40 Laurel + 50 Glob of Ectoplasm
Envoy Kahleem Envoy Kahleem   Armistice Bastion 12 Guild Commendation + Gold coin
Guest Elder (Laurel Merchant) Guest Elder   Thousand Seas Pavilion 40 Laurel + 50 Glob of Ectoplasm
Guild Commendation Trader 12 Guild Commendation + Gold coin
Guild Officer (Guild Commendation Trader) Guild Officer Postern Ward
Plaza of Balthazar
Snowblind Peaks
Lion's Arch
Divinity's Reach
Gendarran Fields
Noble's Folly
12 Guild Commendation + Gold coin
Guild Promoter (guild commendation trader) Guild Promoter Hall of Memories Heart of the Mists 12 Guild Commendation + Gold coin
High-Flying Frieda High-Flying Frieda Osprey Pillars Ember Bay 12 Guild Commendation + Gold coin
Jale Jale Bay of Elon Crystal Oasis 40 Laurel + 50 Glob of Ectoplasm
Jocasta Jocasta Hall of Memories Heart of the Mists 40 Laurel + 50 Glob of Ectoplasm
Laurel Merchant Laurel Merchant The Great Lodge
The Upper City
Hall of Memories
Fort Marriner
Memorial Quadrant
Creator's Commons
Garden of Dusk
Snowblind Peaks
Mistlock Observatory
Commodore's Quarter
Fort Marriner
Divinity's Reach
Heart of the Mists
Lion's Arch
Black Citadel
Rata Sum
The Grove
Gendarran Fields
Fractals of the Mists
Lion's Arch
Memory of Old Lion's Arch
40 Laurel + 50 Glob of Ectoplasm
Laurel Merchant (WvW) Laurel Merchant  
Eternal Battlegrounds
Blue Alpine Borderlands
Green Alpine Borderlands
Obsidian Sanctum (zone)
Edge of the Mists
Red Desert Borderlands
40 Laurel + 50 Glob of Ectoplasm
Merit Professor Rizzak Merit Professor Rizzak   Mistlock Sanctuary 40 Laurel + 50 Glob of Ectoplasm
Nicola (laurel merchant) Nicola Hall of Memories Heart of the Mists 40 Laurel + 50 Glob of Ectoplasm
Pavilion Elder (Guild Commendation Trader) Pavilion Elder   Thousand Seas Pavilion 12 Guild Commendation + Gold coin
Portable Magnetite Shard Exchange/Salvation Pass Portable Magnetite Shard Exchange 200 Magnetite Shard + 10 Gold coin
Samuel Darkwillson Samuel Darkwillson Hall of Monuments Eye of the North 12 Guild Commendation + Gold coin
Scholar Glenna (Salvation Pass) Scholar Glenna   Salvation Pass 200 Magnetite Shard + 10 Gold coin
Stalwart Ben Stalwart Ben  
Gilded Hollow
Lost Precipice
Windswept Haven
Isle of Reflection
12 Guild Commendation + Gold coin
Varka Varka Osprey Pillars Ember Bay 40 Laurel + 50 Glob of Ectoplasm
Yucel Yucel Bay of Elon Crystal Oasis 12 Guild Commendation + Gold coin
Battle Historian Battle Historian (vendor currently unavailable)  
Eternal Battlegrounds
Blue Alpine Borderlands
Green Alpine Borderlands
Red Alpine Borderlands
Edge of the Mists
200 WvW Tournament Claim Ticket
Tyrian Explorer Olread Tyrian Explorer Olread (vendor currently unavailable) Trader's Forum Lion's Arch 12 Guild Commendation + Gold coin

Contained in[edit]

Guild Mission[edit]

  • Random drop from the weekly personal reward chest following completion of a Guild mission.


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  • Nicholas the Traveler sensed that the tokens often found on the bodies of mursaat and their constructs had an untapped inner power, waiting to detonate and ruin all life.