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Cultural armor refers to the various ERare armor sets that are restricted by race. There are nine sets per race: three tiers each of light, medium, and heavy armor.

Purchasing cultural armor will also progress the player along the Fashion achievement line. Six armor pieces from each tier for each race (90 pieces, 640 Gold coin 90 Silver coin total) will be required to complete the achievement "The Emperor's New Wardrobe".


Each armor set is available in the capital city of the corresponding race, e.g. human armor is found in Divinity's Reach. The costs are the same for each race:

Tier Level Cost per piece Total Net Cost[1]
Head Shoulders Chest Hands Legs Feet
1 35 40 Silver coin 40 Silver coin 80 Silver coin 34 Silver coin 60 Silver coin 34 Silver coin Gold coin 88 Silver coin Gold coin 52 Silver coin 00 Copper coin
2 60 Gold coin 00 Silver coin Gold coin 00 Silver coin Gold coin 00 Silver coin 80 Silver coin Gold coin 50 Silver coin 80 Silver coin Gold coin 10 Silver coin Gold coin 21 Silver coin 25 Copper coin
3 80 20 Gold coin 00 Silver coin 20 Gold coin 00 Silver coin 30 Gold coin 00 Silver coin 12 Gold coin 00 Silver coin 25 Gold coin 00 Silver coin 12 Gold coin 00 Silver coin 119 Gold coin 00 Silver coin 104 Gold coin 12 Silver coin 50 Copper coin
  1. ^ Assuming you sell the armor pieces instead of keeping them.


Each race has different attribute prefixes available on their armor sets. Tier 1 armor has a dual-attribute prefix, while tiers 2 and 3 have a triple-attribute prefix.

Race Prefix T1 Prefix T2/3
Asura tango icon 20px.png Asura cultural armor Lingering Condition Damage.png Vitality.png Carrion Condition Damage.png Power.pngVitality.png
Charr tango icon 20px.png Charr cultural armor Honed Power.png Ferocity.png Berserker Power.png Precision.pngFerocity.png
Human tango icon 20px.png Human cultural armor Strong Power.png Precision.png Rampager Precision.png Power.pngCondition Damage.png
Norn tango icon 20px.png Norn cultural armor Vigorous Power.png Vitality.png Soldier Power.png Toughness.pngVitality.png
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Sylvari cultural armor Ravaging Condition Damage.png Precision.png Rabid Condition Damage.png Precision.pngToughness.png


  • Each of the five living members of Destiny's Edge wears a set of Tier 3 cultural armor matching their race and profession.

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