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Carried supplies counter placement over the whole graphical user interface.
Player collecting supplies from Supply Depot.

Supply.png Supply is a currency used in World versus World. Resource camps generate supply that can be gathered by players that interact with the Supply Depot. Players can carry up to 10 supply, and additional supply can be carried with world abilities (+5 maximum supply) and the Objective Aura 1: Supply Capacity guild upgrade (+5 maximum supply, +10 if Presence of the Keep is active). Supply caravans will deliver supply from resource camps to depots in nearby towers, keeps, and Stonemist Castle.



Drain enemy supplies[edit]

Related world abilities[edit]

Supply Capacity
  • Increases supply capacity by 1 up to a maximum of 5
Build Mastery
  • Spend 4..10 supply at a time when building siege
Repair Mastery
  • Spend 4..10 supply at a time when repairing
Supply Master
  • Pick up supply faster
  • Gain swiftness after spending all of your supply
  • Gain improved swiftness when picking up supply
  • Have a chance to recover spent supply when spending supply