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Hall of Monuments

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Disambig icon.pngThis article is about the hall in the Eye of the North. For the achievement section, see Hall of Monuments (achievements).

Hall of Monuments

Point of interest.png

Hall of Monuments map.jpg
Map of Hall of Monuments

Hall of Monuments.jpg
Hall of Monuments

Now in a state of disrepair, the Hall of Monuments is a part of the Eye of the North located within the Far Shiverpeaks. It once commemorated the deeds of a long-dead hero who defeated the Great Destroyer. The Hall was the only known location of the rainbow phoenix, which was said to only appear to exceptional individuals, even amongst those who could communicate with the Eye of the North.

Players of Guild Wars Eye of the North are able to record their accomplishments by unlocking statues for the Hall of Monuments, which in turn unlock exclusive weapon and armor skins, miniatures, pets, titles, and weapons and armor for use in structured PvP in Guild Wars 2. Players of the original Guild Wars could earn points by adding statues to their Hall of Monuments, the maximum being 50 points. Each point until 30 gives a new item, some points give several, and every 5 points gives a new title.


[edit] Getting there

Players' Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 accounts must be linked at for the Hall of Monuments to work. Once this is done, each character on the player's Guild Wars 2 account will possess a Hall of Monuments Portal Stone in their starting inventory. This can be used to travel to the ruins of the Hall of Monuments, where players can obtain unlocked rewards from the ghost of Kimmes the Historian.

You can also get Portal Stones from Scornheart at Hooligan's Route in Lion's Arch for free and travel to the Hall of Monuments, even if you've never played Guild Wars 1.

Or if you're playing during the Scarlet living story after she has attacked Lion's Arch, Scornheart is located under the vigil keep bridge with a couple other merchants.

[edit] Locations and objectives

Point of interest.png
Scrying Pool

[edit] NPCs

[edit] Allies

[edit] Services

Kimmes the Historian

[edit] Objects

[edit] Rewards

[edit] Armor skins

[edit] Weapon skins

Hand Weapon Type HoM points Preview
Main Hand Stygian Axe.png Stygian Axe Axe 28 [&AgHOUQAA]
Centurions Claw.png Centurions Claw Dagger 13 [&AgG+UQAA]
Deldrimor Mace.png Deldrimor Mace Mace 19 [&AgHFUQAA]
Seathunder Pistol.png Seathunder Pistol Pistol 17 [&AgHBUQAA]
Wayward Wand Scepter.png Wayward Wand Scepter Scepter 16 [&AgHAUQAA]
Fiery Dragon Sword.png Fiery Dragon Sword Sword 10 [&AgG5UQAA]
Off hand Chimeric Prism Focus.png Chimeric Prism Focus Focus 20 [&AgHGUQAA]
Diamond Aegis Shield.png Diamond Aegis Shield Shield 11 [&AgG6UQAA]
Flaming Beacon.png Flaming Beacon Torch 26 [&AgHNUQAA]
Mountaincall Warhorn.png Mountaincall Warhorn Warhorn 29 [&AgHPUQAA]
Terrestrial Fellblade.png Fellblade Greatsword 23 [&AgHIUQAA]
Icebreaker.png Icebreaker Hammer 25 [&AgHMUQAA]
Ithas Longbow.png Ithas Longbow Longbow 22 [&AgHHUQAA]
Wheelock Rifle.png Wheelock Rifle Rifle 14 [&AgG/UQAA]
Living Short Bow.png Living Short Bow Short Bow 8 [&AgG4UQAA]
Gnarled Walking Staff.png Gnarled Walking Staff Staff 7 [&AgG3UQAA]

[edit] Gallery

[edit] Miniatures

[edit] Pets

[edit] Notes

  • The point of interest here does not count towards map completion.
  • If you do not see your rewards being offered by Kimmes, the following solution has fixed the issue with some accounts:
    • Log back into Guild Wars 1 and speak to Kimmes in your Hall of Monuments.
    • Toggle your hall display between character-wide and account-wide.
    • Return to Kimmes in Guild Wars 2.

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