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January, 25th (28 years)
Seafarer's Rest (EU)
In-game ID


Hero panel masteries icon.png Mastery Rank - 536

Wolf rank.png Pvp Rank: Wolf - 31

WvW Ability Point.png WvW Rank: Silver Soldier - 924

I'm not looking for forgiveness and I'm way pass asking for permissions. If you have problems with me, then it's your problem, not mine. Im here to edit and if you will stand in my way, then Im gonna fight you too.

AP.png Points - 42,109

My Home[edit]

User DiegoDeLaHouska Left Side ANet Art.jpg
User DiegoDeLaHouska Right Side ANet Art.jpg
Welcome into our home. I'm taking care of nodes which we can gather every day and my sweet honey is probably somewhere here as well, pampering our cats. Most of our friends are welcome to come visit us anytime they want to, just please not when we are busy working in Fractals of the Mist.

Cloth resource (map icon).png Chests Leather resource (map icon).png[edit]

Advanced Leather Rack.png Advanced Cloth Rack.png Basic Cloth Rack.png Basic Leather Rack.png Commemorative Dragon Piñata.png Enchanted Treasure Chest.png Gift of Magnanimity.png Personal Airship Cargo Voucher.png Personal Bandit Chest.png Personal Crystallized Supply Cache Voucher.png Personal Exalted Chest Voucher.png Supply Cache (item).png

Mine resource (map icon).png Ores Difluorite Crystals.png[edit]

Aurillium Node.png Disasembler 3BEK Kit.png Basic Ore Node Pack.png Bloodstone Crystal Node.png Brandstone Node.png Difluorite Crystal Cluster Node.png Dragon Crystal Home Instance Node.png Eternal Ice Shard Home Instance Node.png Gift of Candy Corn.png Gift of Quartz.png Gift of Sprockets.png Gift of Candy Corn.png Jade Fragment Node.png Iron Ore Mining Node.png Basic Ore Node Pack.png Prismaticite Home Instance Node.png Mistonium Node.png Basic Ore Node Pack.png Orichalcum Mining Node.png Salvage Pile Home Instance Node.png

Wood resource (map icon).png Lumbers Primordial Orchid.png[edit]

Ancient Wood Logging Node.png Basic Lumber Node Pack.png Elder Wood Logging Node.png Fire Orchid Node.png Hard Wood Logging Node.png Petrified Wood Node.png

Plant resource (map icon).png Plants Winterberry Bush.png[edit]

Basic Harvesting Node Pack.png Black Lion Garden Plot Deed.png3x Flaxseed Harvesting Node.png Black Lion Garden Plot Deed.png Ghost Pepper Harvesting Node.png Lotus Harvesting Node.png Hatched Chili Pepper Home Instance Node.png Mistborn Mote Home Instance Node.png Omnomberry Harvesting Node.png Orrian Truffle Harvesting Node.png Orrian Oyster Node.png Snow Truffle Harvesting Node.png Winterberry Bush Node.png

Hero point.png Others Black Lion Hunters Board.png[edit]

Black Lion Hunters Contract.png Black Lion Hunters Contract.png Black Lion Hunters Contract.png Black Lion Hunters Contract.png Black Lion Hunters Contract.png Feline Dispersing Emitter.png Feline Holoscepter.png Feline Water Pistol.png Krait Obelisk Shard (item).png

Legendary Equipment[edit]

I made a lot more legendary equipment but kept myself only The Predator and Ad Infinitum, others were gifts from my honey <3. I would kept more legendary weapons sadly I don't like how they look.

The Predator.png HOPE.png 2x Kraitkin.png Kamohoali'i Kotaki.png Frenzy.png Frostfang.png Eureka.png Nevermore.png Shooshadoo.png Aurene's Scale.png Astralaria.png Chuka and Champawat.png

PoF Elite Specs.png

Legendary Sigil.png 4x Gift of Prescience.png Vision.png Aurora.png Conflux.png Prismatic Champion's Regalia.png Ad Infinitum.png Legendary Rune.png 7x

Perfected Envoy Helmet.png Perfected Envoy Pauldrons.png Perfected Envoy Breastplate.png Perfected Envoy Gauntlets.png Perfected Envoy Tassets.png Perfected Envoy Greaves.png

Perfected Envoy Mask.png Perfected Envoy Shoulderpads.png Perfected Envoy Jerkin.png Perfected Envoy Vambraces.png Perfected Envoy Leggings.png Perfected Envoy Boots.png Obsidian Medium Jacket.png

Perfected Envoy Cowl.png Perfected Envoy Mantle.png Perfected Envoy Vestments.png Perfected Envoy Gloves.png Perfected Envoy Pants.png Perfected Envoy Shoes.png

Proud Owner[edit]

I gave them a new home. Now they are resting and having fun inside of my home instance with my cats. It's lovely view when you see them all sleeping together in one big pile covered with cute furry little cats.

Raptor Icon Red.png
Raptor Icon Gold.png
Springer Icon Red.png
Springer Icon Gold.png
Skimmer Icon Red.png
Skimmer Icon Gold.png
Jackal Icon Red.png
Jackal Icon Gold.png
Roller Beetle Icon Red.png
Roller Beetle Icon Gold.png
Warclaw Icon Red.png
Warclaw Icon Gold.png
Griffon Icon Red.png
Griffon Icon Gold.png
Skyscale Icon Red.png
Skyscale Icon Gold.png
Siege Turtle (overhead icon).png
Siege Turtle (overhead icon).png

User DiegoDeLaHouska Bottom Side ANet Art.jpg

Raid Bosses Killed[edit]

These are bosses wich were killed on my account. I never said, that it was me who killed them. If you will want to take me into your raids to heal you, just don't. I will never do these raids myself and I never will be able to.

Gold Vale Guardian Trophy.png Gold Gorseval Trophy.png Gold Sabetha Trophy.png Gold Slothasor Trophy.png Gold White Mantle Abomination Trophy.png Gold Siege the Stronghold Trophy.png Gold Keep Construct Trophy.png Gold Xera Trophy.png Gold Cairn the Indomitable Trophy.png Gold Mursaat Overseer Trophy.png Gold Samarog Trophy.png Gold Deimos Trophy.png

Gold Desmina Trophy.png Gold River of Souls Trophy.png Gold Statue of Grenth Trophy.png Gold Dhuum Trophy.png Gold Conjured Amalgamate Trophy.png Gold Twin Largos Trophy.png Gold Qadim Trophy.png Gold Cardinal Sabir Trophy.png Gold Cardinal Adina Trophy.png Gold Ether Djinn Trophy.png

My Family[edit]

Firebrand icon (highres).png Daredevil tango icon 200px.png Berserker tango icon 200px.png Druid tango icon 200px.png Chronomancer tango icon 200px.png Tempest tango icon 200px.png Soulbeast icon (highres).png Herald tango icon 200px.png Engineer icon.png Scourge icon (highres).png Dragonhunter tango icon 200px.png Herald tango icon 200px.png

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