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Name: Sobeit Destroyer
Title: "Combat Healer"
Date of Birth: 1. August 2016
Joined group: Order of Whispers
Favorite Weapons: Staff
Nature: Brute
Favorite Food: Delicious Rice Ball
Favorite Utility: Bountiful Maintenance Oil
Agony Resist: 151
Equipment stats: Magi

My Story

Though trouble may follow me, I overcome it with ferocity. I'm a soldier in the Blood Legion, and my warband is my family. I would die for them, especialy Maveric, my sparring partner. They tell me my sire is a loyal soldier. I plan to live up to his reputation, whatever it takes.

~This is my story.


I went on a path to be a pacifist a long time ago. After all these years it's still not easy at all, when you are healing others. Others who are running away from you in fear of seen a Charr.

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Nature Magic
Nature Magic
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