Gift of Candy Corn

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Gift of Candy Corn

Item type
Account Bound
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Double-click to grow a candy-corn node in your home instance. Node can be mined once per day.

— In-game description

Gift of Candy Corn is a consumable rewarded for completing the You, Back in the Box achievement as part of Blood and Madness. The achievement is rewarded for completing the final instance Resealing the Bloody Prince. Consuming the item unlocks a Raw Candy Corn node in all home instances for all characters of the account. The node can be mined exactly once per day per account. (The action of mining will consume three charges from your mining pick)


Sold by[edit]

Vendor Location Cost
Jale Free City of Amnoon 25 Laurel.png + 15 Gold coin
Jocasta Hall of Memories 25 Laurel.png + 15 Gold coin
Laurel Merchant Commodore's Quarter; Fort Marriner; The Upper City; Creator's Commons; Garden of Dusk; Memorial Quadrant; The Great Lodge; Havoc's Heir; Mistlock Observatory; Hall of Memories 25 Laurel.png + 15 Gold coin
Merit Professor Rizzak Mistlock Sanctuary 25 Laurel.png + 15 Gold coin
Nicola Champion's Rest 25 Laurel.png + 15 Gold coin
Sonder the Seller Commodore's Quarter
400 Festival Token.png
Varka Lava Lounge 25 Laurel.png + 15 Gold coin
Candy Corn Vendor Grand Piazza
Candy Corn Cob.png
Merchant Trader's Forum
Candy Corn Cob.png

Achievements (historical)[edit]

You, Back in the Box Blood and Madness (2013 achievements) 5Achievement points
Help Tassi reseal the reliquary. Side effects may include stickiness.
Prerequisite: A Sweet Friend
Reward:Gift of Candy Corn.png Gift of Candy Corn
1 Bloody Prince Defeated 5Achievement points


  • The node appears in any home instance, not just in your own or the one of your own race.