Garden Plot Deed

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Black Lion Garden Plot Deed.png

Garden Plot Deed

Item type
Tradesman.png Gourmet Training
Account Bound
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Completion grants 10 levels of progress in the chef crafting discipline.

Hint: Acquire a garden plot for your home instance from Mender Earie.

— In-game description

Garden Plot Deed is part of the Gourmet Training achievement. Adds one garden plot and a Gardener to your home instance.


  • See Garden plot#List of crops for a full list of crops that may be planted here.
  • Appears in the home instance for all characters, regardless of chef status, once unlocked.
  • Differs from the Black Lion Garden Plot Deed in the following ways:
    • Does not unlock the Dedicated Gardener achievement.
    • The gardener will not offer any items for sale.
    • Varietal crops must be replanted after every harvest.
    • Varietal herbs cannot be harvested by anyone other than the instance owner.
    • Home instances with gardens far from the entrance will not include any quick access methods.
Sometimes spawns with four Growing Crops when first unlocked. These will turn into Open Soil on the next reset.

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