Tengu Longbow (bundle)

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The Tengu Longbow is a longbow bundle from the Master Marksman.



Arrows can be tracked with Arrows.png Arrows

# Skill Activation time Recharge time Description
1 Bodkin Shot.png Bodkin Shot 0.75¾ Fire an armor-piercing arrow that inflicts bleeding and vulnerability.
2 Skewer.png Skewer 0.75¾ Fire a cluster of arrows to immobilize your foes. When immobilization ends, inflicts cripple and torment.
3 Read the Wind (skill).png Read the Wind 0.75¾ 25 Gain increased attack speed, damage, and velocity for your arrows.


  • More Arrows.png Arrows ammunition can be gathered by interacting with Arrow, Arrow Barrel or by simply asking for another Longbow.