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What...what are you staring at? Even at a disadvantage, I'm still your better.

— Canach

Canach is a sylvari criminal currently incarcerated in Fort Marriner. A mercenary, Canach was hired by the Consortium in 1325 AE to map, explore, and initiate construction at the previously-uncharted Southsun Cove. Although his contract prevented him from exploting animal, mineral, or magical sources on the island, it did not mention local flora, and Canach ordered his team to collect samples of Passion Flowers as they explored. For reasons not yet fully understood this provoked the local karka, who followed the fleeing survivors of the expedition back to Lion's Arch, where they attacked and destroyed Lion's Gate. Canach was apprehended in Garrenhoff and offered to help fight the ancient karka as penance, but fled Lionguard custody at the first opportunity.

As a fugitive from the Lionguard, and facing the freelance "decomissioning" team sent by the Consortium's Subdirector Noll, Canach made a concerted effort to change his appearance. He began to see himself as a champion of the weak, and sought out and destroyed a Molten Alliance weapons facility in order to prove it.[1] Intending to get even with Noll and liberate the refugees from the Molten Alliance who had been tricked into Consortium settlement contracts on the Southsun Cove, Canach headed back to the island and spread a toxin that aggravated the local wildlife. The civil unrest induced there attracted the attention of Inspector Ellen Kiel of the Lionguard, and Canach was rearrested before he could destroy the last of the contracts.


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Defeat Canach to find out what he knows (19)

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"So, you've killed Scarlet. I suppose you think you're a hero. Tell me, did she say anything before you snuffed her out?"
Talk more option tango.png
She said Tyria would bow to a new master.
"Speaking from experience, no one goes to these lengths without thinking they are doing some good. It raises a troubling question."
Talk more option tango.png
Which is?
"What good did she think she was doing?"
Talk end option tango.png
I can't say.
Talk end option tango.png
None of your business.

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"What is it? Oh, I see. Greetings."
"I'm sorry, but I don't do small talk."
"Don't bother me. I'm thinking."
"My fighting skills are for hire, but I'm selective about my employers."
"I met Scarlet briefly when she went by the name Ceara. She treated me with slight regard then, as well."
"The Consortium isn't likely to forget about me. Thankfully, I'm safe here, so that won't be an issue until my release."
"Incarceration is hard. I don't mind the isolation, but the children chanting "karka killer" grows tiresome."
"I am here until my time is served or someone buys my billet. Given my popularity, I expect to serve the full sentence."
"A Southsun settler contacted me recently. She thanked me for my efforts, but decried my methods. I know how she feels."

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