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The Dream is a nightmare. See the world for what it is—episodes of pain ending in untimely death.

— Faolain

Grand Duchess Faolain is a sylvari firstborn of the Cycle of Dusk.[1] She is the current leader of the Nightmare Court, having succeeded its founder Cadeyrn at an unknown time. Faolain emerged from the Pale Tree with Caithe. Faolain had been all about questions, and Caithe had been all about answers. They were dear to each other and set out together to explore the world. But Caithe's spirit had grown straight and true like a young tree while Faolain's had grown twisted like a poison-ivy vine. When the pair encountered a great darkness, Caithe pulled back from it, while Faolain embraced it. The two have been separated since, but the Grand Duchess has vowed that Caithe will return to her in time, and so often shadows her beloved, armed with pleas and temptations.

In 1319 AE, Faolain followed Caithe to a burning village that had been overrun by Destroyers. There, she performed a dark ritual involving blood magic to poison Caithe. As Caithe fought the Nightmare, the poison spread, leaving her no choice but to join Faolain, or die. As Destiny's Edge grew in fame, Faolain stalked the group, attempting to bring Caithe into the fold. Meanwhile, the Nightmare Court noticed the dragon champion Glint preparing for the awakening of its master, Kralkatorrik. Caithe begged Faolain to take the poison from her so that she could fight the dragon, and Faolain acquiesced, taking the corruption into herself and rotting her hand. During this time, she was described as having black leafy hair, eyes, and nails; being a dark contrast to Caithe.[2]

In 1325 AE, Caithe headed to the Nightmare Court lair to investigate the kidnapping of local sylvari. She attempted to bring Logan Thackeray and Rytlock Brimstone with her, but the two would not cooperate for long enough to get anything done. Without their help, she was still able to put an end to Faolain's plans, driving her out of the Twilight Arbor. With her departure, several prominent courtiers have begun competing for control of the Arbor.


Story involvement[edit]

Personal Story
Living World Season 2
Heart of Thorns

Combat abilities[edit]

Twilight Arbor[edit]

  • Resurrects Allies

When you or your allies kill a enemy Destiny's Edge illusion, after a short period of time Faolain teleports to the killed illusion. She starts to perform a ritual which looks like the mantra Mesmer skill to resurrect the illusion. The only way to stop Faolain from resurrecting the illusion is to attack her and damage her for a moderate portion of her health. Once she is damaged enough to interrupt the ritual, she will teleport back to her "waiting area" and wait for the next illusion to be killed.

Stolen skills

Bitter Harvest[edit]

Stolen skills



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