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Your satisfaction is our desire

The Consortium are a mercantile corporation established by the asura. Before the destruction of Lion's Arch, their only known base of operations was the Consortium Gift Shop. The Consortium are focused on making money, though openly they say they're mainly interested in pleasing customers, and have shown to back out of anything which can give them a negative view or loss in profit - even abandoning their own members. A group of the Consortium, led by Canach, was indirectly responsible for the karka attack on Lion's Arch, caused by the Consortium intending to use the island of Southsun Cove as a vacation resort. After the destruction of Lion's Arch, the Consortium was contracted to aid in the rebuilding of the city, sending out Consortium Planners and Consortium Surveyors around the ruined city to take measurements for the reconstruction. After the rebuilding was finished, the Consortium relocated their base to a newly built building in the Commodore's Quarter.

During the period after the Pact excursion into the Heart of Maguuma, the Consortium took an interest in the strange ley line activity that was beginning to occur. After some trial and error, they constructed a device to collect the Ley Energy. Subsequently, a few models were then stolen by the Inquest and others were bought by the Durmand Priory.

The Consortium is also financially supporting Dessa and her krewe in Fractals of the Mists.


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