Fort Marriner

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Fort Marriner

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Map of Fort Marriner

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Fort Marriner

The proud Fort Marriner was named after Cobiah Marriner, the founder of new Lion's Arch, and serves as the headquarters for the Lionguard, their prison, and as the Lion's Arch base for the Vigil. It also holds the asura gates to the Mists. The fort was blighted and scarred after the Battle for Lion's Arch, but has since been restored to its former glory.

Locations and objectives[edit]

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Fort Marriner Waypoint —
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Claw Island Portage Waypoint —
Points of Interest
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Mist Portals
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Vigil Centerhouse
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Claw Island Portage



  • Hawkeye Griffon -one of the random pets appearing next to the Ogre Hunter.


Dungeon Armor and Weapons
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Killian (Tier 1)
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Ceana (Tier 2)
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Trokk (Tier 3)
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Commander Yaffa


Ambient dialogue[edit]

For previous dialogue, see here. Current dialogue from Lion's Arch Reborn.

Crusader Aurus Fuseblight: What's this sculpture supposed to be?
Antonin: Isn't it obvious? The lights are eyes.
Crusader Aurus Fuseblight: Quit pulling my tail.
Antonin: Look at the eyes. Tilt your head a little.
Crusader Aurus Fuseblight: Come on, I don't—burn me, it's a stringray.
Lionguard Tyrro: I'm glad to see the city up and running again, but it isn't the same.
Alainn: What's wrong with it? It's grander than ever!
Lionguard Tyrro: That's my point. The old LA wasn't grand. It had character. It has spirit. It had grit. This just isn't the same.
Lionguard (1): Think we're ready for another attack?
Lionguard (2): From land, air or sea. We won't be caught off guard again.
Lionguard Recruit (1): We have to be ready for anything.
Lionguard Recruit (2): You realize this is the safest city in Tyria now, right?
Lionguard Recruit (1): That's the kind of attitude that'll get you killed.
Lionguard Dahn: How many times has this city been destroyed and rebuilt now? I've lost count.
Lionguard: Tells you something about the people here, doesn't it.
Lionguard Recruit: I've gotten used to getting up at dawn. I hope they don't put us on the night shift again.
Lionguard Recruit (1): I came when I heard they were hiring for the Lionguard. It's a great opportunity.
Lionguard Recruit (2): Me too. I'd be slinging fish if it weren't for the jobs here.
Lionguard Recruit: I can't wait to spar with that crazy charr!
Asuran Mist Warrior: Now recruiting for the battle for the Mists! Is your life a dead end? Looking for meaning? I have the answer to your existential dilemma right here.


  • Lion's Arch now has an airbase, visible from Fort Marriner. The name, "Lion's Arch Aerodrome", was voted on by the players between 19th and 23rd of May, 2015. Other options were "Martial Aerodrome" and "Apex Aerodrome".
  • With the rise of Mordremoth, some waypoints around Tyria were disabled, due to being consumed or damaged by its influence. Fort Marriner's Waypoint was one of these waypoints, but is functioning again following the reconstruction of the city.