Fort Marriner

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Fort Marriner

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Map of Fort Marriner

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Fort Marriner

The once proud Fort Marriner, which guards the city, now lies blighted and scarred after the Battle for Lion's Arch. It was named after Cobiah Marriner, the founder of new Lion's Arch, and serves as both the headquarters for the Lionguard, as well as their prison, and the Lion's Arch base for the Vigil. It holds the asura gates to the Mists and before that the Zaishen arena, which was removed to make room for said asura gates though the Zaishen Order's training grounds remained until the fort's destruction. The fort is currently in the process of rebuilding around the debris and trenches left behind by Scarlet's assault along with the rest of the city.

With the rise of Mordremoth, waypoints around Tyria were being consumed or demolished by his influence. Fort Marriner's Waypoint was one of the waypoints to be destroyed.

Locations and objectives[edit]

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Fort Marriner Waypoint (Currently disabled)
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Claw Island Portage Waypoint —
Points of Interest
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Main Haven Headquarters
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Vigil Centerhouse
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Gunnery Range
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Claw Island Portage







Ambient dialogue[edit]

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Conversations on the parapets of Fort Marriner
Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Parts of the city are still unsafe. But once we fix—
Citizen: I'm tired of excuses, Magnus. The city's a wreck. If you can't get Lion's Arch on its feet, you're going to wake up and find this a ghost town.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Who was that?
Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed: One of the hungry. Jobless. In mourning. And her anger is going to have company when we bring more of them back in.
Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed: We're not ready for this. We've barely started to make the city livable again.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Then today is your lucky day. I've brought you some help.
Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed: So, this floating trash a refugee?
Captain Ellen Kiel: More than that. We've got ourselves a hero.
Hero-Tron: Bzzt. Hero. Accessing—monicker—protocol. Reformatting—primary—identity.
Captain Ellen Kiel: This golem healed the wounded. He stormed Scarlet's platforms with us, and without weapons.
Captain Ellen Kiel: And now the Seraph want to take him away for "helping Scarlet" when he did nothing of the sort.
Hero-Tron: Bzzt. This—unit—is—now—designated—Hero-Tron.
Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Whatever. Kiel vouches for you, and that's good enough for me. I'll find a use for you.
Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed: As head of the Lionguard, and member in good standing of the Captain's Council, I proclaim Hero-Tron a free citizen of Lion's Arch.
Captain Ellen Kiel: Seconded. Consider yourself home, golem.
Hero-Tron: Happiness—mode—engaged. Victory—gyrations—in...3...2...1...
Hero-Tron: Query: What—will—be—done—about—the—Seraph?
Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed: They can walk the plank.
Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Divinity's Reach has the time to hunt for a golem, but it doesn't have time to help Lion's Arch when Scarlet attacks?
Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed: And after this city hosted a relief effort for them during Wintersday?
Captain Ellen Kiel: What Magnus is saying is, I don't think you have to worry about the Seraph anymore.
Hero-Tron: What—if—they—come—to—reclaim—this—unit?
Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed: I'll sign their extradition with a torch.
Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed: So, if you're going to be my aide, I have to ask. What exactly do
Hero-Tron: This—unit—is—programmed—with—a—variety—of—skills—ranging—from—
Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Look, we're going to have a lot of people coming back without homes or jobs.
Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed: No jobs mean lots of idle hands. I can handle a little crime. This city was founded on it. But riots? They'll end everything.
Captain Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Can you help people get back to work?
Hero-Tron: I—can—do—that.
Evon Gnashblade: There he is, the hero of the hour. So, my son, how did it go?
Hero-Tron: Error: This—unit—is—not—your—offspring.
Evon Gnashblade: It's a term of affection. Now, answer the question.
Hero-Tron: For—this—unit's—service—during—Scarlet's—termination, this—unit—was—granted—amnesty—and—employment—with—the—Captain's—Council.
Hero-Tron: This—unit—will—have—a—revenue—stream—to—repay—this—unit's—debt—to—you. Our—transaction—will—be—complete.
Evon Gnashblade: Complete? Oh, no. No, not at all. I saw your ID number when I was installing the combat chassis before your rumble with Scarlet.
Evon Gnashblade: Traced it back to the source. Consortium. Seems they ran into some trouble on Southsun a while back.
Evon Gnashblade: Involuntary servitude. An unsafe workplace. Substandard living quarters. And at the center of it all, a little golem named Job-o-Tron.
Evon Gnashblade: It'd be a shame if Magnus's new golden boy was linked to such nasty business. Why, with the situation in the city, well... They'd dismantle you.
Evon Gnashblade: So keep on listening. And keep on coming back to me with all the juicy tidbits.
Evon Gnashblade: And don't you dare cross me. You can run, but you'll never run far enough.