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White Mantle

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The White Mantle's emblem 250 years ago

The White Mantle is a religious order who follow the mursaat. They were established by Saul D'Alessio 250 years ago during the Charr Invasion of Kryta and in turn took power when King Jadon fled the throne. After Saul's death, they slowly turned into a tyrannical group, oppressing those who still believed in the Five Gods and killing them atop the bloodstone. They were defeated by the Shining Blade in 1079 AE and power was restored to the monarchy under Queen Salma. The White Mantle retreated to the Maguuma Jungle, where they have thrived in secret, even without the guidance of their false gods, hoping to one day return.

In modern times, they are behind many of the bandit attacks in attempts to bring down Queen Jennah and the Krytan government. Most are unaware that they are still operating, considering them a myth told on Mad King's Day.

They're known to have cells in the Hunting Lodge and Jannaj's Bandits.

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[edit] Notes

  • The Unknown Parents background's storyline for human characters will focus on the White Mantle.

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