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White Mantle emblem.

The White Mantle are a group of outlaws based in the Maguuma Wastes and northern Heart of Maguuma. Once leaders of Kryta for a brief time 250 years ago, the White Mantle view themselves as the rightful rulers of the last human nation on Tyria. With intention to retake their role of rulership over Kryta, the White Mantle have infiltrated deep into the political system of the human nation and stirred strife across the land. Though most Krytans have long believed the White Mantle a distant historical threat, the Shining Blade are few who know the truth: that the White Mantle fund and lead the bandits plaguing the countryside in secrecy. Though they lead the bandits, not all bandits are White Mantle or know of their existence - many are those fooled by the White Mantle's trickery, or are those left destitute by the White Mantle's actions and are left little choice but the life of crime.


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The White Mantle originated as a religious cult formed in Kryta by Saul D'Alessio during 1067 AE. Saul D'Alessio was a drunk and gambler turned thief who was exiled into a deep forest and had stumbled upon powerful spellcasters whom he had called the Unseen Ones. They had rescued Saul from the brink of death and returned him to Kryta, where he preached the doctrine of his new Unseen Ones as gods. Saul proclaimed salvation during Kryta's darkest hour, when the charr invasion threatened the nation's survival and when King Jadon had fled the throne. Under Saul's leadership, the White Mantle were kind to non-believers and defenders of the weak. Saul led an small elite unit in the middle of the night to strike the charr's invading forces' leaders. Though the leaders were killed, the battle had alarmed the entire charr camp and the entire charr army marched upon Saul and his few faithful. Praying in their time of need, three of the Unseen Ones arrived and aided in defeating the charr, but at a steep cost: all but the most faithful White Mantle would perish. Witnessing the death of his fellow men, Saul grieved and was taken away by his false gods to unknown places, and the survivors, becoming leaders of the White Mantle under Confessor Dorian, told that Saul valiantly sacrificed his life in the battle against the charr. With no threat and no king, the White Mantle took power over Kryta.

But the White Mantle had grown arrogant and abusive, thriving off of the wealth of the land and leaving non-believers in poverty. Worst of all, each year Krytan citizens were chosen for "special education" and never seen again. In truth, the White Mantle offered these ill-fated Chosen as sacrificial victims atop of the Bloodstone in the Maguuma Jungle. Born from this strife, a group of rebels situating themselves in the Maguuma Jungle formed, calling themselves the Shining Blade who vowed to hack away the corruption and decay that robbed Kryta of her greatness. The true nature of the White Mantle and the inhuman sorcerers they worship was exposed for all to see in a series of violent conflicts that left the Mantle high council dead.

However, the White Mantle remained strong and became even more ruthless under the new Confessor Isaiah, and Kryta was plunged into a full blown civil war. This war heightened in 1079 AE, and culminated in a battle at Lion's Arch, where Confessor Isaiah and the last of the mursaat except for Lazarus were killed off. Expecting losses, however, Isaiah had sent many White Mantle into the depths of the Maguuma Jungle to ensure the cult's survival, and they immediately began to attempt to sow distrust against Queen Salma and the Shining Blade for the time they would one day return.

Known bases[edit]

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Forsaken Thicket
Bloodstone Fen
Lake Doric
Draconis Mons


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