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Notes about crafting materials.

  • Every (stackable?) item can be used in any crafting discipline (and in mystic forge as well). Each item gets it's own flag for this.
  • If an item is usable in crafting, the description says so and list all crafting disciplines that can use it and on which minimal crafting level. I believe it's automatically generated.
  • The flag that determines it is different from the flag that tells to which bag an item should go. Not every item that goes to crafting bag can be used in crafting (various upgrade components) and not every thing usable in crafting goes to this bag as well (dyes and I think some food too)

Some "items" does not appear in inventory, but are treated similar to items anyway. These are marked with italics.

  • Items that are consumed upon buying (influence bonuses, some recipes...)
  • Recipes that are discovered
  • Enviromental weapons (bundles)
  • Items visible in your personal storyline
  • And maybe Backpack as well.
Equipment upgrade
  • Crafting material
    • Basic crafting material (these can be further split into "raw" materials, "refined" materials and maybe even "additional" materials for materials that are bought from crafting NPC (spools and lumps) but I don't know if that's needed. Materials are also tied to the crafting disciplines and levels as well as tied to "tiers" 1-6, so they can be split based on that. Gemstones, Jewels and Doubloons are also an upgrade components.
    • Fine crafting material
    • Rare crafting material
    • Ingredient
    • Gemstone and Jewel
    • Doubloon
    • Crafting component I'm not 100% sure about this, as I only done leatherworking, so I don't know much about cooking or jeweler intermediate products (if any).
      • Regular crafting component (parts of armor or weapon)
      • Seasoning, "Mixed Ingredient" (e.g. Bowl of Stirfry Base) [these are the cooking analogies to crafting components)
      • Inscription
        • inscription type (festering, honed, etc.)
      • Insignia
        • insignia type (festering, honed, etc.)
  • Mystic item
Consumable - these items disappear after double clicking on them. Are "consumed". Various consumables (nourishment, alcohols, manuals, recipes) are tied to character level, while recipes and nourishment are also tied to professions and professions levels, as well as tiers 1-6
Gizmo - similar to consumable but are NOT used up after use. Might be time limited (Golem Banker)