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Disambig icon.png This article is about the trinket subtype. For the generic loot items with the same name, see Amulet (loot). For PvP stat choices, see PvP Build.
Amulet slot in trinket section of hero panel's equipment tab

Amulets are trinkets with a unique slot in the trinket section of hero panel's equipment tab. Amulets provide the largest attribute bonuses of the three types of trinkets, the other two being rings and accessories. Amulets of Exotic and lower rarity have one upgrade slot that can accept jewels or universal upgrades. Ascended amulets have a specialized Enrichment slot.


Crafting recipes[edit]

Amulets can be made with the following general recipe.

1 Amulet = 1 Chain + 1 Setting + 1 Activator

The actual materials used will vary by difficulty and the level of the final component.

Amulet Skill Level to craft Requires Ingots
Copper Amulet Copper Amulet 0-50 1 Copper Chain.pngCopper Chain + 1 Copper Setting.pngCopper Setting
Silver Amulet Silver Amulet 75-125 1 Silver Chain.pngSilver Chain + 1 Silver Setting.pngSilver Setting
Gold Amulet Gold Amulet 150-200 1 Gold Chain.pngGold Chain + 1 Gold Setting.pngGold Setting
Platinum Amulet Platinum Amulet 225-275 1 Platinum Chain.pngPlatinum Chain + 1 Platinum Setting.pngPlatinum Setting
Mithril Amulet Mithril Amulet 300-350 1 Mithril Chain.pngMithril Chain + 1 Mithril Setting.pngMithril Setting
Orichalcum Amulet Orichalcum Amulet 400 1 Orichalcum Chain.pngOrichalcum Chain + 1 Orichalcum Setting.pngOrichalcum Setting
Primary article: Ascended trinket

Ascended amulets are roughly 5% more powerful than their exotic equivalents. They cannot be crafted, but may be purchased and found as loot. Enrichment slots are present in all Ascended Amulets.