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Town Clothing was a system of casual clothing that people could wear out of combat. The system was removed with the April 15, 2014 Update. It was replaced with the Wardrobe System. Players can visit a Black Lion Trader (Armorsmith) in any major city to have their town clothes converted to items compatible with the new wardrobe.

After the wardrobe was introduced, most Gem Store town clothes sets were turned into outfits, most Gem Store individual spare pieces and the basic starting town clothes were turned into tonics, and most headgear was turned also into skins usable by all three armor classes.

Human female town clothing.

Town clothing is a set of equipment separate from armor and weapons that only provides a cosmetic appearance. Unlike normal gear, town clothing provides no defense or attributes. Town clothing can be switched to in the hero panel or by binding a key (default: unbound). In roleplay communities, town clothing may be pivotal to performances. Five slots exist for town clothing: headgear, chest, gloves, leggings, shoes.

HatChest ClothingArm ClothingLeg ClothingFootwear

Characters could also equip a toy that may provide costume brawl skills. Toys were turned into everlasting consumable toys when the wardrobe was introduced.


List of town clothing[edit]

Starting clothing[edit]

Head clothing[edit]

Chest clothing[edit]

Hand clothing[edit]

Leg clothing[edit]



  • Town clothing could be purchased from the Gem Store.
  • Town clothing was automatically switched back to normal gear on entering combat or going underwater.
  • The original town clothes with which characters were created could not be reacquired if it was destroyed.
  • Iron's Tailpipe Bandana and Southsun Mask were the only town clothing pieces acquirable outside of the Gem Store. Both are still available as armor skins.