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Jewels are crafted at a jeweler's station by combining a gemstone with a filigree. They are used as activators in the making of trinkets, and also as upgrade components for trinkets of exotic and lower rarity. Corresponding gemstones and jewels (e.g. a Garnet Pebble (gemstone) and an Adorned Garnet Jewel (jewel)) both give a bonus to the same attributes, although the amount of bonus given by the jewel is greater than that from the gemstone.

Unlike gemstones, jewels do not have dedicated storage slots in the material storage section of the account vault (and therefore cannot be deposited remotely), though like all items they can be stored in the general bank area.

Similarly, unlike gemstones, jewels cannot be used as an upgrade component for armor or weapon upgrades.


Jewels, like gemstones, can be used in multiple ways:

  • Crafting material - When incorporated during the crafting process, a jewel creates a Masterwork version of the same item that is made using the gemstone of the same tier. The required level to equip and attribute bonuses of the finished item are usually higher than those of the Fine item made with the gemstone.
  • Upgrade component - Jewels may be added to a trinket of exotic or lower rarity (including a back item) with an Upgrade Slot.png unused upgrade slot, giving that item the attribute bonuses inherent to the jewel, in addition to those the item already possessed. Note that like other upgrade components, jewels cannot be removed from an item (other than by salvaging the item), but can be replaced by a new upgrade (destroying the old one).

Crafting recipes[edit]

There are many individual jewel recipes. Broken out by base material, their recipes fit the following general forms:

Discoverable jewels[edit]

These jewels can be unlocked through discovery as the required difficulty level is met.

Item Difficulty Materials Attribute bonus
Major Minor
Adorned Jewel 50 1  Skill.png Pebble
1  Copper Filigree.png Copper Filigree
Intricate Jewel 100 1  Skill.png Nugget
1  Silver Filigree.png Silver Filigree
+7 +3
Gilded Jewel 175 1  Skill.png Lump
1  Gold Filigree.png Gold Filigree
+9 +7
Ornate Jewel 250 1  Skill.png Shard
1  Platinum Filigree.png Platinum Filigree
+14 +9
Brilliant Jewel 325 1  Skill.png Crystal
1  Mithril Filigree.png Mithril Filigree
+18 +12

Non-discoverable jewels[edit]

Some jewels can only be crafted after learning the recipe by purchasing a recipe sheet from a Master Craftsman for karma or coin. After using the recipe sheet, that jewels will be available in the Production pane of the Crafting Station window.

Item Difficulty Materials Attribute bonus
Major Minor
Embellished Intricate Jewel 125 5  Skill.png Nugget
1  Silver Filigree.png Silver Filigree
+8 +4
Embellished Gilded Jewel 200 5  Skill.png Lump
1  Gold Filigree.png Gold Filigree
+10 +8
Embellished Ornate Jewel 275 5  Skill.png Shard
1  Platinum Filigree.png Platinum Filigree
+16 +10
Embellished Brilliant Jewel 375 5  Skill.png Crystal
1  Mithril Filigree.png Mithril Filigree
1  Glob of Ectoplasm.png Glob of Ectoplasm
+21 +13
Exquisite Jewel 400 1  Skill.png Orb
1  Orichalcum Filigree.png Orichalcum Filigree
1  Glob of Ectoplasm.png Glob of Ectoplasm
+25 +15

List of jewels[edit]

Attribute bonuses Jewel Activator
Standard Embellished/Exquisite
of Might Power.png Adorned Garnet Jewel.png Adorned Garnet Jewel Garnet Pebble.png Garnet Pebble
of Precision Precision.png Adorned Tiger's Eye Jewel.png Adorned Tiger's Eye Jewel Tiger's Eye Pebble.png Tiger's Eye Pebble
of Resilience Toughness.png Adorned Malachite Jewel.png Adorned Malachite Jewel Malachite Pebble.png Malachite Pebble
of Vitality Vitality.png Adorned Turquoise Jewel.png Adorned Turquoise Jewel Turquoise Pebble.png Turquoise Pebble
of Festering Condition Damage.png Adorned Amber Jewel.png Adorned Amber Jewel Amber Pebble.png Amber Pebble
of Compassion Healing Power.png Adorned Pearl.png Adorned Pearl Pearl.png Pearl
of Winter Boon Duration.png Adorned Snowflake.png Adorned Snowflake Tiny Snowflake.png Tiny Snowflake
of Strength Power.png Precision.png Intricate Carnelian Jewel.png Intricate Carnelian Jewel
Gilded Carnelian Jewel.png Gilded Carnelian Jewel
Embellished Intricate Carnelian Jewel.png Embellished Intricate Carnelian Jewel
Embellished Gilded Carnelian Jewel.png Embellished Gilded Carnelian Jewel
Carnelian Nugget.png Carnelian Nugget
Carnelian Lump.png Carnelian Lump
of Vigor Power.png Vitality.png Intricate Amethyst Jewel.png Intricate Amethyst Jewel
Gilded Amethyst Jewel.png Gilded Amethyst Jewel
Embellished Intricate Amethyst Jewel.png Embellished Intricate Amethyst Jewel
Embellished Gilded Amethyst Jewel.png Embellished Gilded Amethyst Jewel
Amethyst Nugget.png Amethyst Nugget
Amethyst Lump.png Amethyst Lump
of Honing Power.png Ferocity.png Intricate Peridot Jewel.png Intricate Peridot Jewel
Gilded Peridot Jewel.png Gilded Peridot Jewel
Embellished Intricate Peridot Jewel.png Embellished Intricate Peridot Jewel
Embellished Gilded Peridot Jewel.png Embellished Gilded Peridot Jewel
Peridot Nugget.png Peridot Nugget
Peridot Lump.png Peridot Lump
of the Hunter Precision.png Power.png Intricate Sunstone Jewel.png Intricate Sunstone Jewel
Gilded Sunstone Jewel.png Gilded Sunstone Jewel
Embellished Intricate Sunstone Jewel.png Embellished Intricate Sunstone Jewel
Embellished Gilded Sunstone Jewel.png Embellished Gilded Sunstone Jewel
Sunstone Nugget.png Sunstone Nugget
Sunstone Lump.png Sunstone Lump
of Heartiness Vitality.png Toughness.png Intricate Lapis Jewel.png Intricate Lapis Jewel
Gilded Lapis Jewel.png Gilded Lapis Jewel
Embellished Intricate Lapis Jewel.png Embellished Intricate Lapis Jewel
Embellished Gilded Lapis Jewel.png Embellished Gilded Lapis Jewel
Lapis Nugget.png Lapis Nugget
Lapis Lump.png Lapis Lump
of Ravaging Condition Damage.png Precision.png Intricate Topaz Jewel.png Intricate Topaz Jewel
Gilded Topaz Jewel.png Gilded Topaz Jewel
Embellished Intricate Topaz Jewel.png Embellished Intricate Topaz Jewel
Embellished Gilded Topaz Jewel.png Embellished Gilded Topaz Jewel
Topaz Nugget.png Topaz Nugget
Topaz Lump.png Topaz Lump
of Rejuvenation Healing Power.png Power.png Intricate Spinel Jewel.png Intricate Spinel Jewel
Gilded Spinel Jewel.png Gilded Spinel Jewel
Embellished Intricate Spinel Jewel.png Embellished Intricate Spinel Jewel
Embellished Gilded Spinel Jewel.png Embellished Gilded Spinel Jewel
Spinel Nugget.png Spinel Nugget
Spinel Lump.png Spinel Lump
of Winter Toughness.png Boon Duration.png Intricate Snowflake.png Intricate Snowflake
Gilded Snowflake.png Gilded Snowflake
Delicate Snowflake.png Delicate Snowflake
Glittering Snowflake.png Glittering Snowflake
of the Berserker Power.png Precision.png Ferocity.png Ornate Ruby Jewel.png Ornate Ruby Jewel
Brilliant Ruby Jewel.png Brilliant Ruby Jewel
Embellished Ornate Ruby Jewel.png Embellished Ornate Ruby Jewel
Embellished Brilliant Ruby Jewel.png Embellished Brilliant Ruby Jewel
Exquisite Ruby Jewel.png Exquisite Ruby Jewel
Ruby Shard.png Ruby Shard
Ruby Crystal.png Ruby Crystal
Ruby Orb.png Ruby Orb
of the Zealot Power.png Precision.png Healing Power.png Exquisite Watchwork Sprocket.png Exquisite Watchwork Sprocket Watchwork Sprocket.png Watchwork Sprocket
of the Valkyrie Power.png Vitality.png Ferocity.png Ornate Beryl Jewel.png Ornate Beryl Jewel
Brilliant Beryl Jewel.png Brilliant Beryl Jewel
Embellished Ornate Beryl Jewel.png Embellished Ornate Beryl Jewel
Embellished Brilliant Beryl Jewel.png Embellished Brilliant Beryl Jewel
Exquisite Beryl Jewel.png Exquisite Beryl Jewel
Beryl Shard.png Beryl Shard
Beryl Crystal.png Beryl Crystal
Beryl Orb.png Beryl Orb
of the Rampager Precision.png Power.png Condition Damage.png Ornate Coral Jewel.png Ornate Coral Jewel
Brilliant Coral Jewel.png Brilliant Coral Jewel
Embellished Ornate Coral Jewel.png Embellished Ornate Coral Jewel
Embellished Brilliant Coral Jewel.png Embellished Brilliant Coral Jewel
Exquisite Coral Jewel.png Exquisite Coral Jewel
Coral Chunk.png Coral Chunk
Coral Tentacle.png Coral Tentacle
Coral Orb.png Coral Orb
of the Explorer Precision.png Power.png Ferocity.png Ornate Opal Jewel.png Ornate Opal Jewel
Brilliant Opal Jewel.png Brilliant Opal Jewel
Embellished Ornate Opal Jewel.png Embellished Ornate Opal Jewel
Embellished Brilliant Opal Jewel.png Embellished Brilliant Opal Jewel
Exquisite Opal Jewel.png Exquisite Opal Jewel
Opal Shard.png Opal Shard
Opal Crystal.png Opal Crystal
Opal Orb.png Opal Orb
of the Captain Precision.png Power.png Toughness.png Ornate Emerald Jewel.png Ornate Emerald Jewel
Brilliant Emerald Jewel.png Brilliant Emerald Jewel
Embellished Ornate Emerald Jewel.png Embellished Ornate Emerald Jewel
Embellished Brilliant Emerald Jewel.png Embellished Brilliant Emerald Jewel
Exquisite Emerald Jewel.png Exquisite Emerald Jewel
Emerald Shard.png Emerald Shard
Emerald Crystal.png Emerald Crystal
Emerald Orb.png Emerald Orb
of Ambrite Toughness.png Vitality.png Healing Power.png Exquisite Ambrite Jewel.png Exquisite Ambrite Jewel Sheet of Ambrite.png Sheet of Ambrite
of Winter Toughness.png Healing Power.png Boon Duration.png Ornate Snowflake.png Ornate Snowflake
Brilliant Snowflake.png Brilliant Snowflake
Exquisite Snowflake.png Exquisite Snowflake
Unique Snowflake.png Unique Snowflake
Pristine Snowflake.png Pristine Snowflake
Flawless Snowflake.png Flawless Snowflake
of the Sentinel Vitality.png Power.png Toughness.png Brilliant Azurite Jewel.png Brilliant Azurite Jewel
Embellished Brilliant Azurite Jewel.png Embellished Brilliant Azurite Jewel
Exquisite Azurite Jewel.png Exquisite Azurite Jewel
Azurite Crystal.png Azurite Crystal
Azurite Orb.png Azurite Orb
of the Carrion Condition Damage.png Power.png Vitality.png Ornate Chrysocola Jewel.png Ornate Chrysocola Jewel
Brilliant Chrysocola Jewel.png Brilliant Chrysocola Jewel
Embellished Ornate Chrysocola Jewel.png Embellished Ornate Chrysocola Jewel
Embellished Brilliant Chrysocola Jewel.png Embellished Brilliant Chrysocola Jewel
Exquisite Chrysocola Jewel.png Exquisite Chrysocola Jewel
Chrysocola Shard.png Chrysocola Shard
Chrysocola Crystal.png Chrysocola Crystal
Chrysocola Orb.png Chrysocola Orb
of the Cleric Healing Power.png Power.png Toughness.png Ornate Sapphire Jewel.png Ornate Sapphire Jewel
Brilliant Sapphire Jewel.png Brilliant Sapphire Jewel
Embellished Ornate Sapphire Jewel.png Embellished Ornate Sapphire Jewel
Embellished Brilliant Sapphire Jewel.png Embellished Brilliant Sapphire Jewel
Exquisite Sapphire Jewel.png Exquisite Sapphire Jewel
Sapphire Shard.png Sapphire Shard
Sapphire Crystal.png Sapphire Crystal
Sapphire Orb.png Sapphire Orb
of the Apothecary Healing Power.png Toughness.png Condition Damage.png Brilliant Passion Flower.png Brilliant Passion Flower
Embellished Brilliant Passion Flower.png Embellished Brilliant Passion Flower
Exquisite Passion Flower.png Exquisite Passion Flower
Passion Flower.png Passion Flower
Charged Ambrite Condition Damage.png Power.png Precision.png Exquisite Charged Ambrite Jewel.png Exquisite Charged Ambrite Jewel Sheet of Charged Ambrite.png Sheet of Charged Ambrite
Agate Power.pngToughness.png Ferocity.pngHealing Power.png Exquisite Agate Jewel.png Exquisite Agate Jewel Agate Orb.png Agate Orb
Black Diamond Power.pngCondition Damage.png Precision.pngCondition Duration.png Exquisite Black Diamond Jewel.png Exquisite Black Diamond Jewel Black Diamond.png Black Diamond
Burl Power.pngPrecision.png Toughness.pngBoon Duration.png Exquisite Burl Jewel.png Exquisite Burl Jewel Maguuma Burl.png Maguuma Burl
Ebony Power.pngPrecision.png Vitality.pngFerocity.png Exquisite Ebony Jewel.png Exquisite Ebony Jewel Ebony Orb.png Ebony Orb
Flax Blossom Power.pngToughness.png Boon Duration.pngCondition Duration.png Exquisite Flax Blossom.png Exquisite Flax Blossom Flax Blossom.png Flax Blossom
Freshwater Pearl Healing Power.pngToughness.png Vitality.pngBoon Duration.png Exquisite Freshwater Pearl.png Exquisite Freshwater Pearl Freshwater Pearl.png Freshwater Pearl
Maguuma Lily Toughness.pngCondition Damage.png Vitality.pngCondition Duration.png Exquisite Lily Blossom.png Exquisite Lily Blossom Maguuma Lily.png Maguuma Lily
Moonstone Power.pngVitality.png Boon Duration.pngToughness.png Exquisite Moonstone Jewel.png Exquisite Moonstone Jewel Moonstone Orb.png Moonstone Orb
of the Sky Power.pngPrecision.pngToughness.pngVitality.png
Condition Damage.pngFerocity.pngHealing Power.png
Exquisite Emerald Jewel.png Exquisite Charged Quartz Jewel Charged Quartz Crystal.png Charged Quartz Crystal
Polished Resin Condition Damage.pngVitality.png Boon Duration.pngCondition Duration.png Exquisite Polished Resin Jewel.png Exquisite Polished Resin Jewel Chunk of Petrified Echovald Resin.png Chunk of Petrified Echovald Resin
Jade Power.pngFerocity.png Vitality.pngPrecision.png Exquisite Jade Jewel.png Exquisite Jade Jewel Chunk of Pure Jade.png Chunk of Pure Jade

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