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Server: Gunnar's Hold (EU)
Main character: Faalagorn — Charr Warrior (Blood Legion, Loyal Soldier, Maverick).

On wiki[edit]

I'm trying to help with whatever I can, mostly with stuff that most people won't look at too much (i.e. details). Also trying to make all pages to follow the same template, and generally look similar (encouraging to use (proper) templates and follow style policies and guidelines).

Take a look at Things to do on wiki and Google Spreadsheets sections to see what I'm about to do as well.

I am an editor of GW1 wiki too, but to a much lesser degree.

Also — English is not my native language, and I'm far away from being perfect in it, so while generally I avoid making edits that involve a lot of text changes:
I'm fine, and appreciate if someone checks and fix grammar errors or rephrase the sentences I wrote, to make the page look better :). Feel free to point my errors and don't hesitate to fix them, even if it's not the main namespace.

Things done on wiki[edit]

After I've done something, I'm trying as well to keep look at it, watching the changes made to the article and correct them if necessary. Also check my contributions!

Things to do on wiki[edit]

Achievements (and subpages)[edit]

  • Rewrite tables to be more concise and contain tier descriptions as seen as in-game WIP!
  • Create a template for achievement tables
  • Add a proper Acquisition section to every page WIP!
  • Clear out notes, trivias, sics and unverified content WIP!


  • Revise and update categories on Item page again
    • Look at or create a basic article from each section.
    • Suggest adding a plural form property for each stackable item
    • Suggest adding a "can be placed in mystic forge" property for each item
    • Suggest adding a "can be salvaged" for non-stackable items?
    • Suggest adding an information to what bag each items belongs to?
  • Create a Gizmo page and split gizmos out of consumable items.
  • Rewrite Trophy (with sections)
  • Rewrite Package (with tier tables)
  • Add more info into gem shop / Black Lion Chest items

Structured PvP[edit]


(Hard) things to do I'd love to see[edit]

  • A detailed list on each heart and event of what counts and how much progress it gives
  • Have a list of every dialogue option (this is already happenening ^^)
    • With voiceovers (unlikely, but well)
  • Have a 3D view for items and NPCs
  • Have a video and screenshot for each vista

Google Spreadsheets (outdated!)[edit]

Various researches/gathering data I keep in one place that often yet have to go on wiki, but it's easier with me to manage this with spreadsheet.

Leave a message on my discussion page if you spotted any error in these or want help with anything!

Drop rates[edit]


  • Trophies Junk, Salvage items, and event & heart items (TODO)
  • Packages TODO - list and some drop rates


  • Achievements – name, description, every tier description and points research as well as daily/monthly rewards research (working on re-doing the table to be more concise and include all the new achievements - WIP version)


See User:Faalagorn/Sandbox

  • User:Faalagorn/Sandbox/Achievement – done (Achievement)
  • User:Faalagorn/Sandbox/Daily – done (Daily)
  • User:Faalagorn/Sandbox/Monthly – done (Monthly)

My pages[edit]