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Disambig icon.png This article is about the trophy items. For the information about Junk rarity, see Item.

Junk items are trophies that mostly drop from slain enemies and have no utility other than being sold for coin at merchants. Junk items can be identified by grey colored text in the item's tooltip. They cannot be salvaged and will stack with themselves. All junk items are soulbound to the character upon pickup.

Some crafted bags, such as Oiled Packs, will fill with junk items before other items if possible.

Vendors with a Sell tab have a button in that tab to quickly sell all Junk that is stored in inventory bags that do not hide their contents.

List of junk items[edit]

Enemy drop[edit]

Most junk items dropped from enemies are split between 3 different tiers, similar to the manner crafting materials and salvage items, allowing stronger enemies of the same type drop different and more valuable loot.
These junk item tiers often have similar names (or even the same name, such as Hoof), but are worth different prices.

Tier 1 (Copper coin) Tier 2 (Copper coin) Tier 3 (16 Copper coin)
Brittle Bone.pngBrittle Bone Crumbling Bone.pngCrumbling Bone Porous Bone.pngPorous Bone
Broken Claw.pngBroken Claw Dull Claw.pngDull Claw Dark Stained Claw.pngDark Stained Claw
Broken Fang.pngBroken Fang Dull Fang.pngDull Fang Chipped Fang.pngChipped Fang
Mystic Crystal.pngBuzzing Crystal Charged Crystal.pngCharged Crystal Shocking Crystal.pngShocking Crystal
Clump of Tar.pngClump of Tar Clump of Tar.pngClump of Pitch Clump of Tar.pngClump of Resin
Cog.pngCog Cog.pngGear Sprocket.pngSprocket
Cool Stone.pngCool Stone Cold Stone.pngCold Stone Ice Stone.pngIce Stone
Fin.pngFin Dorsal Fin.pngDorsal Fin Tail Fin.pngTail Fin
Small Venom Sac.pngGlob of Globby Goo Glob of Globby Goop.pngGlob of Globby Goop Glob of Globby Gloop.pngGlob of Globby Gloop
Hoof (2 copper).pngHoof Hoof (9 copper).pngHoof Hoof (16 copper).pngHoof
Mangled Talon.pngMangled Talon Talon.pngTalon Sharp Talon.pngSharp Talon
Needle.pngNeedle Barb.pngBarb Spike.pngSpike
Patch of Fur.pngPatch of Fur Scrap of Fur.pngScrap of Fur Clump of Fur.pngClump of Fur
Pebble.pngPebble Gravel.pngGravel Stone.pngStone
Unidentifiable Object.pngSeashell Shell.pngShell Spiral Shell.pngSpiral Shell
Shattered Lockpick.pngShattered Lockpick Broken Lockpick.pngBroken Lockpick Bent Lockpick.pngBent Lockpick
Spider Leg.pngSpider Leg Hairy Spider Leg.pngHairy Spider Leg Prickly Spider Leg.pngPrickly Spider Leg
Torn Leaf.pngTorn Leaf Darkened Vine.pngBroken Twig Dry Pinecone.pngDry Pinecone
Warm Stone.pngWarm Stone Hot Stone.pngHot Stone Fire Stone.pngFire Stone
Jar of Bees.pngBottle of Rum Jar of Bees.pngBottle of Whiskey Jar of Bees.pngBottle of Scotch

There's also several untiered junk items:


Junk is also present in the drop tables of many containers, usually those with randomized content.


These are obtained when opening ecto gambling containers. The amount received is usually just enough refund a fraction of the coin spent, but there's a very rare chance to receive larger amounts of them.





Ruined items

These items are given as a result of using low level gathering tools on a higher level node.

Event and renown heart trophies[edit]

While most trophies with a value related to events and renown hearts are items of Basic rarity, some of them are junk.

Elonian valuables[edit]

These items are obtained in events, chests and containers thorough Elonian content, including those in PvP and WvW reward tracks. They are sold for much more coin than other junk items and have flavor text in their descriptions.

Crystal Oasis
Desert Highlands
Elon Riverlands
The Desolation
Domain of Vabbi


Related achievements[edit]


  • Isaiah Cartwright, an ArenaNet employee, said that they decided to have junk items in Guild Wars 2 because they add some flavor to the game in that the junk items you get correspond to the the loot your foe dropped, giving you a sense of where you've been and what you've done.[1]

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