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Salvage items are a type of trophy that can be salvaged into crafting materials. Salvage items can be acquired through looting slain enemies, through trade, and they can be sold to a vendor.

Salvage items are generally considered to belong to different tiers, based on their vendor price and the crafting materials that can drop from salvaging them. Lesser salvage items will drop only tier 1 materials, but all other tiers can drop materials from two tiers. For example, all tier 6 salvage items will drop mostly tier 5 materials, with a chance of tier 6.

List of salvage items[edit]

Basic salvage items[edit]

  Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5 Tier 6 all
Contains metal ore Brittle Clump of Ore.pngBrittle Clump of Ore Clump of Tar.pngWeak Clump of Ore Bit of Metal Scrap.pngClump of Ore Laden Clump of Ore.pngLaden Clump of Ore Loaded Clump of Ore.pngLoaded Clump of Ore Rich Clump of Ore.pngRich Clump of Ore Unstable Metal Chunk.pngUnstable Metal Chunk
Bit of Metal Scrap.pngBit of Metal Scrap Pile of Metal Scrap.pngPile of Metal Scrap Jagged Metal Scrap.pngJagged Metal Scrap Metal Scrap.pngMetal Scrap Salvageable Metal Scrap.pngSalvageable Metal Scrap Valuable Metal Scrap.pngValuable Metal Scrap
Contains leather sections Tattered Hide.pngTattered Hide Ripped Hide.pngRipped Hide Torn Hide.pngTorn Hide Frayed Hide.pngFrayed Hide Filthy Hide.pngFilthy Hide Salvageable Hide.pngSalvageable Hide Unstable Hide.pngUnstable Hide
Bloodstone-Warped Hide.pngBloodstone-Warped Hide
Rawhide Leather Strap.pngRawhide Leather Strap Thin Leather Strap.pngThin Leather Strap Coarse Leather Strap.pngCoarse Leather Strap Thick Leather Strap.pngThick Leather Strap Rugged Leather Strap.pngRugged Leather Strap Hard Leather Strap.pngHard Leather Strap
Tattered Pelt.pngTattered Pelt Ripped Pelt.pngRipped Pelt Torn Pelt.pngTorn Pelt Frayed Pelt.pngFrayed Pelt Filthy Pelt.pngFilthy Pelt Salvageable Pelt.pngSalvageable Pelt
Contains cloth scraps Shredded Garment.pngShredded Garment Worn Garment.pngWorn Garment Ragged Garment.pngRagged Garment Frayed Garment.pngFrayed Garment Torn Garment.pngTorn Garment Discarded Garment.pngDiscarded Garment Unstable Rag.pngUnstable Rag
Half-Eaten Mass.pngHalf-Eaten Mass Decaying Mass.pngDecaying Mass Fetid Mass.pngFetid Mass Malodorous Mass.pngMalodorous Mass Ettin Refuse.pngHalf-Digested Mass Regurgitated Mass.pngRegurgitated Mass
Shredded Rag.pngShredded Rag Worn Rag.pngWorn Rag Soiled Rag.pngSoiled Rag Frayed Rag.pngFrayed Rag Torn Rag.pngTorn Rag Rag.pngRag
Contains wood logs Heartwood Fragment.pngFallen Branch Heartwood Fragment.pngReclaimed Wood Chunk

Rare salvage items[edit]

  Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Contains metal ore Bit of Aetherized Metal Scrap.pngBit of Aetherized Metal Scrap Pile of Aetherized Metal Scrap.pngPile of Aetherized Metal Scrap Jagged Aetherized Metal Scrap.pngJagged Aetherized Metal Scrap Aetherized Metal Scrap.pngAetherized Metal Scrap Salvageable Aetherized Metal Scrap.pngSalvageable Aetherized Metal Scrap
Bit of Fused Metal Scrap.pngBit of Fused Metal Scrap Pile of Fused Metal Scrap.pngPile of Fused Metal Scrap Jagged Fused Metal Scrap.pngJagged Fused Metal Scrap Fused Metal Scrap.pngFused Metal Scrap Salvageable Fused Metal Scrap.pngSalvageable Fused Metal Scrap
Bit of Twisted Watchwork Scrap.pngBit of Twisted Watchwork Scrap Pile of Twisted Watchwork Scrap.pngPile of Twisted Watchwork Scrap Jagged Twisted Watchwork Scrap.pngJagged Twisted Watchwork Scrap Twisted Watchwork Scrap.pngTwisted Watchwork Scrap Salvageable Twisted Watchwork Scrap.pngSalvageable Twisted Watchwork Scrap

Holiday salvage items[edit]

  Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Contains cloth scraps Beautiful Knit Sock.pngBeautiful Knit Sock Beautiful Knit Hat.pngBeautiful Knit Hat Beautiful Knit Sweater.pngBeautiful Knit Sweater

Other salvage items[edit]