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High Priest Copuul

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High Priest Copuul is the spiritual guide of the Itzel living in Jaka Itzel.


Heart of Maguuma

Story involvement[edit]

Heart of Thorns story[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Evades Ranged Attacks
  • Teleports
  • Stealths


If Fill the Itzel villagers' food baskets with insect larvae is active
Kaana Miatli: You've done it! The horrible creatures are gone, for the moment.
High Priest Copuul: But unless we gather more food, I fear for the fate of the village.
<Character name>: Can I help? What do you need?
Kaana Miatli: Larvae on the trees. So succulent. Find them, fill the pantries with them. We'll feast for weeks.
<Character name>: I'll see what I can do.
Kaana Miatli: Don't let those flying rats eat the larvae!
If Help Itzel Hunters defeat creatures. Keep Itzel Hunters alive is active
Kaana Miatli: (laugh) It seems the jungle brought us a skilled larva hunter.
High Priest Copuul: We are still weak.
High Priest Copuul: We need more food if we're to last the night.
Kaana Miatli: Perhaps you could join our hunters?
<character name>: How can i help?
Kaana Miatli: Our hunters are heading out now. Join them.
If Douse the fires to save the village is active
High Priest Copuul: Wyvern! Watch yourselves.
Kaana Miatli: Quickly! Douse the fires, or the entire village will burn!
If Stop sun zealots from indoctrinating the Itzel is active
Kaana Miatli: The wyvern is gone.
High Priest Copuul: We may have secured the village, but we're barely holding on.
High Priest Copuul: The survivors are tired and dispirited.
Kaana Miatli: I've told them to make a pilgrimage to Ameyalli's temple.
Kaana Miatli: You've helped us so much. Please, feel free to join them.
Kaana Miatli: Your presence would further lift their spirits. Please, walk with them.
If Defeat the hylek zealots and their converts is active
Kaana Miatli: Many of our people have returned to Ameyalli's temple.
Kaana Miatli: We would be honored if you would join them.
High Priest Copuul: And what of these sun worshippers who've been harassing us?
High Priest Copuul: They do not take rejection well.
Kaana Miatli: All the more reason to have assistance at the temple.
If Steal the wyvern's eggs is active
Kaana Miatli: There's fighting in the temple!
High Priest Copuul: Kaana, this is worse than I thought. The sun worshipers are turning our own against us.
High Priest Copuul: They're trying to force us to accept their "light".
Kaana Miatli: That will never happen. These outsiders make us fight our own kin. I will make them suffer.
Kaana Miatli: Has Utogi returned?
High Priest Copuul: No, and I fear for what he may be doing on our behalf.
Speaking to her if Use collected eggs to sabotage the hostile Zintl camp is occuring
Kaana Miatli: The beetle riders have been exposed as our enemies.
Kaana Miatli: The "food" they gave us was wyvern eggs.
High Priest Copuul: The wyvern would kill us to recover its offspring.
Kaana Miatli: Now, Utogi is using their own trick against them.
Kaana Miatli: Utogi could use your help, if you hurry.
Speaking to her if the meta is at "The Itzel tribe is at full strength."
Kaana Miatli: The beetle riders have been routed. The village is saved!
High Priest Copuul: We must prepare for nightfall.
Kaana Miatli: Agreed. Secure the food stores. Ready the weapons.
Kaana Miatli: We can't let the Mordrem tear down what we've built.
Speaking to her if Night and the Enemy or Defeat the Mordrem invaders to clear the village is occurring
Kaana Miatli: They attack us at night.
High Priest Copuul: We were weak. Unprepared. They overran our village.
<Character name>: Don't lose hope. Help is here.
Kaana Miatli: The jungle, Ameyalli, blesses you.

Related achievements[edit]

  • Heart of Thorns Act 1.png Heart of Thorns: Act 1: Totems of the ItzelHelp the high priest recover the totems of the Jaaka Itzel tribe that are scattered throughout the surrounding jungle after the last Mordrem Guard attack. (5Achievement pointsLarge Bag of Airship Parts)