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Colocals are an unusual type of flightless griffon that can primarily be found in Kryta and the Maguuma Wastes. They possess almost drake-like features and a pair of sinewy, spiked appendages that are attached to their shoulder blades.


Maguuma Wastes
The Mists

Story involvement[edit]

Heart of Thorns story[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Lunges and Bites
Stolen skills


Name Type Rarity Quantity Creature level
Vial of Blood.png Vial of Blood Crafting material Fine 1 37-42
Vial of Potent Blood.png Vial of Potent Blood Crafting material Fine 1 80
Vial of Powerful Blood.png Vial of Powerful Blood Crafting material Rare 1 80
Claw.png Claw Crafting material Fine 1 37-42
Large Claw.png Large Claw Crafting material Fine 1 80
Vicious Claw.png Vicious Claw Crafting material Rare 1 80
Egg.png Egg Crafting material Basic 1 37-80
Zephyrite Lockpick.png Zephyrite Lockpick
(only drops in Dry Top)
Service Rare 1 80
Colocal Claw.png Colocal Claw
(only drops if the The Moot I: The Experimental Mace collection is active)
Trophy Exotic 1 37-80
Harpy Feather.png Pristine Feather Trophy Rare 1 80
Talon.png Talon Trophy Junk 1-2 37-42
Sharp Talon.png Sharp Talon Trophy Junk 1-2 80


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