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Kaana Miatli

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Kaana Miatli


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The gifts provided by Ameyalli make our lives possible. Be her gift to us, and we shall be her gift to you.

— Kaana Miatli

Kaana Miatli is the leader of the Itzel living in Jaka Itzel. She is also the mother of Ibli.


Heart of Maguuma

Story involvement[edit]

Heart of Thorns story[edit]


Speaking to her if Fill the Itzel villagers' food baskets with insect larvae is occuring
Kaana Miatli: You've done it! The horrible creatures are gone, for the moment.
High Priest Copuul: But unless we gather more food, I fear for the fate of the village.
<character name>: Can I help? What do you need?
Kaana Miatli: Larvae on the trees. So succulent. Find them, fill the pantries with them. We'll feast for weeks.
<character name>: I'll see what I can do.
Kaana Miatli: Don't let those flying rats eat the larvae!
Speaking to her if Help Itzel Hunters defeat creatures. Keep Itzel Hunters alive is occuring
Kaana Miatli: (laugh) It seems the jungle brought us a skilled larva hunter.
High Priest Copuul: We are still weak.
High Priest Copuul: We need more food if we're to last the night.
Kaana Miatli: Perhaps you could join our hunters?
<character name>: How can i help?
Kaana Miatli: Our hunters are heading out now. Join them.
Speaking to her during Douse the fires to save the village
High Priest Copuul: Wyvern! Watch yourselves.
Kaana Miatli: Quickly! Douse the fires, or the entire village will burn!
Speaking to her if Stop sun zealots from indoctrinating the Itzel is occuring
Kaana Miatli: The wyvern is gone.
High Pries Copuul: We may have secured the village, but we're barely holding on.
High Priest Copuul: The survivors are tired and dispirited.
Kaana Miatli: I've told them to make a pilgrimage to Ameyalli's temple.
Kaana Miatli: You've helped us so much. Please, feel free to join them.
Kaana Miatli: Your presence would further lift their spirits. Please, walk with them.
Speaking to her if Defeat the hylek zealots and their converts is occuring
Kaana Miatli: Many of our people have returned to Ameyalli's temple.
Kaana Miatli: We would be honored if you would join them.
High Priest Copuul: And what of these sun worshippers who've been harassing us?
High Priest Copuul: They do not take rejection well.
Kaana Miatli: All the more reason to have assistance at the temple.
Speaking to her if Steal the wyvern's eggs is occuring
Kaana Miatli: There's fighting in the temple!
High Priest Copuul: Kaana, this is worse than I thought. The sun worshipers are turning our own against us.
High Priest Copuul: They're trying to force us to accept their "light".
Kaana Miatli: That will never happen. These outsiders make us fight our own kin. I will make them suffer.
Kaana Miatli: Has Utogi returned?
High Priest Copuul: No, and I fear for what he may be doing on our behalf.
Speaking to her if Use collected eggs to sabotage the hostile Zintl camp is occuring
Kaana Miatli: The beetle riders have been exposed as our enemies.
Kaana Miatli: The "food" they gave us was wyvern eggs.
High Priest Copuul: The wyvern would kill us to recover its offspring.
Kaana Miatli: Now, Utogi is using their own trick against them.
Kaana Miatli: Utogi could use your help, if you hurry.
Speaking to her if the meta is at "The Itzel tribe is at full strength."
Kaana Miatli: The beetle riders have been routed. The village is saved!
High Priest Copuul: We must prepare for nightfall.
Kaana Miatli: Agreed. Secure the food stores. Ready the weapons.
Kaana Miatli: We can't let the Mordrem tear down what we've built.
Speaking to her if Night and the Enemy or Defeat the Mordrem invaders to clear the village is occurring
Kaana Miatli: They attack us at night.
High Priest Copuul: We were weak. Unprepared. They overran our village.
<Character name>: Don't lose hope. Help is here.
Kaana Miatli: The jungle, Ameyalli, blesses you.