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Some items you'll find will be salvageable. Use a salvage kit to break them down into crafting materials.

— Salvaging

Salvaging is the process of breaking down items into crafting materials or upgrade components by using salvage kits. As a lot of rewards in the game are provided in the form of various items, often as individual equipment pieces or Unidentified Gear, salvaging is used to convert these rewards into standardized crafting materials.

Salvaging components[edit]

To salvage an item, double-click on a salvage kit, then click on the item to be salvaged. If the item stacks, such as salvage items, you can repeatedly salvage items from the stack. Alternatively, right-clicking the salvage kit allows it to automatically salvage items of Fine rarity or lower, Masterwork rarity or lower, or Rare rarity, starting at the top of your inventory. Higher quality kits have a greater chance to receive a higher-tier crafting material than normal. Items can also be salvaged for their upgrade component. Higher quality kits also give a greater chance to recover the component while salvaging an item. Players will always receive a common crafting material.

What can be salvaged[edit]

Four types of items can be salvaged:


These items cannot be salvaged:

Equipment bought with Badges of Honor can be salvaged, but only return a random and lesser amount of badges. (Globs of Ectoplasm and crafting materials cannot be obtained.)

Salvage types[edit]

See also: Salvage kit

Each item may have one and, sometimes, several salvage types, displayed in the item's description in its tooltip. There are four salvage types, and each produces a different selection of materials. The required salvaging tools for each type are:

Can be salvaged with standard kits of different tiers (such as Basic Salvage Kit.pngBasic Salvage Kit or Master's Salvage Kit.pngMaster's Salvage Kit). This is the most common salvage type, found on most equipment items of exotic and lower rarity. Produces crafting materials depending on the item's required level and rarity.
Can be salvaged with Ascended Salvage Tool.pngAscended Salvage Tool (or the Ascended Salvage Kit 5 uses.png5 use and Ascended Salvage Kit.png20 use kit versions). Only found on items of ascended rarity, particularly ascended equipment. Produces an assortment of some of the ascended crafting materials.
Can be salvaged with Portable Composter.pngPortable Composter. Can only be used on food and feast consumable items that were crafted by the Chef discipline. Produces Extracts of Nourishment of different rarity depending on an item, which are used in crafting of the ascended feasts, the highest tier of food items.
Can be salvaged with a Research Kit.pngResearch Kit or automatically upon crafting. The latter method is enabled within the crafting interface by selecting the checkbox "Automatically salvage output with a research kit". Produces Research Note.pngResearch Notes currency and can only be used on items that were crafted. This is a special type of salvaging as it can be used as an alternative to other salvage types.
The item can't be salvaged.

Salvaging results[edit]

The level or tier of the crafting material received from salvaging depends on the level of the item. Salvage items will give crafting material appropriate for the level of the item. The exact results of any salvaging attempt vary, and the salvage kit used will affect the random result. Some individual items may produce additional materials or currencies, unique to them.

By item type
By item quality
Salvage rate research

Ascended equipment[edit]

Ascended equipment does not salvage into materials (such as Ectoplasm or cloth scraps) as described above, instead rarely salvaging into crafting components. For instance, an Elonian Shoulderguard Panel (rather than an Elonian Leather Square) could be received from a Zojja's Shoulderguard.

Ascended equipment can be salvaged for Balls of Dark Energy, Stabilizing Matrices, and other items used in crafting.

Salvage kits[edit]

Ascended equipment can only be salvaged with either of the following salvage kits:


Each type of gear offers a different set of possible drops when salvaged.

Armor and weapons
Ascended trinkets excluding rings

Drops specific to gear type or source[edit]

Each type of ascended gear can additionally drop various materials when salvaged:

Ascended rings, 2-42 Stabilizing Matrices
  • Every ring drops one stack of 2-5, 10 or 20 Stabilizing Matrices, with lower quantities being more common. The average is around 4.
  • Attuned rings drop an additional stack of 1-2 Stabilizing Matrices, usually just 1.
  • Infused rings drop an additional stack of 1-5, 10 or 20 Stabilizing Matrices, with lower quantities being more common. The average is around 3.
  • If it is both Attuned and Infused, it drops three stacks altogether, for an average total around 8.
  • The averages are estimated based on player reports. See Ball of Dark Energy/Salvage Rate for details.
Ascended equipment
Items bought with Unbound Magic
  • These are guaranteed to drop 500 Unbound Magic, in addition to the drops above. Similarly, Siren's Landing backpacks bought with Karma and Orrian Pearls (these are one of the few karma-bought items that can be salvaged).
Raid-specific gear
  • These are guaranteed to drop 60 Magnetite Shards. This is in addition to any drops noted above.
  • For example:

Salvage rates[edit]