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Piece of Unidentified Gear is a container that, upon opening it, provides a random equipment item of the same rarity as the Unidentified Gear, with a small chance for an item of higher rarity. Unidentified Gear is a common part of loot and rewards in all areas of the game for level 80 characters, and comes in three rarities. See individual articles for possible rewards from each container:

Unidentified Gear can be salvaged both directly and after identifying it into individual equipment items, with the latter providing additional higher rarity crafting materials. As a lot of rewards in the game are provided in the form of items, Unidentified Gear is used to reduce inventory clutter while preserving the chance for higher quality loot.


Unidentified Gear replaces most generic gear loot drops common to all enemies, chests and containers from all regions, such as Iron weapons and Rogue armor, when rolling from level 80 drop tables. Unlike other similar containers like Champion bags, it does not scale to the current character's level, and can only produce the common drops from level 80 tables it replaces, with a few exceptions. Note that doesn't mean level 80 gear, since level 80 drop tables include gear at least as low as level 76.


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