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Earned and spent in WvW to purchase various items.

— In-game description

Badge of Honor.png Badges of Honor are a currency earned by participating in World versus World. They are stored in the Account Wallet.


World versus World[edit]

# Source Notes
0-2 Bag of Loot Kill enemy players
0-2 Veteran Supervisor Take resource camps
0-2 Champion Tower Lord Take towers
0-2 Champion Keep Lord Take keeps
0-2 Legendary Castle Lord Take Stonemist Castle
3-6 Enormous Mistwrought Chest Mistwrought Vault jumping puzzles in the Borderlands
2-20 Enormous Mistwrought Chest Obsidian Sanctum jumping puzzle in Eternal Battlegrounds. The amount scales with character level.
2-8 Eternal Chest After completing Eliminate the overgrown grub or Silence the raging arboreal spirit

Contained in[edit]

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Guild Hall upgrades[edit]




  • Prior to the release of the Heart of Thorns expansion, Taste of Liquid World Experience was sold by laurel vendors.
  • Starting with the release of the Heart of Thorns expansion, exotic gear purchased from vendors in WvW that cost both Badges of Honor and gold can now be salvaged for some Badges of Honor and the upgrades that were added to that piece of gear.

General Gem.png Gem Copper coin Silver coin Gold coin Coin Karma.png Karma Laurel.png Laurel
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Character Hero point.png Hero point Supply.png Supply
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Vial of Chak Acid.png Vial of Chak Acid Machete.png Machete Rolan's Master Key.png Trader's Key Mistborn Key.png Mistborn Key
Cache Key.png Cache Key
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