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Mehdi's Grog

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Mehdi's Grog is a Daybreak achievement that requires gathering grog ingredients for Mehdi during Convincing the Corsair story step.


Mehdi's Grog Daybreak 2Achievement points
Gather grog ingredients for Mehdi.Somehow Mehdi turns these into a strong ale. Gathered 1 Ingredient 0Achievement points
Gathered 2 Ingredients 0Achievement points
Gathered 3 Ingredients 0Achievement points
Gathered 4 Ingredients 0Achievement points


Name Map Description
Astral Water Astral Water location.jpg One of the ponds around the Astralarium is interactable and grants the Astral Water on use. Can also be purchased from Mehdi for 50 Kralkatite Ore.
Blackout Powder Blackout Powder location.jpg Obtained while speaking with Sayida the Sly for the first time during Convincing the Corsair.
Dried Wheat Dried Wheat location.jpg Can be gathered on the square plateau west and slightly south of Champion's Dawn Waypoint. Can also be purchased from Mehdi for 35 Kralkatite Ore.
Fine Aged Liquor Fine Aged Liquor location.jpg On the prow of The Wobbling Skies.
Knuckle Salve Knuckle Salve location.jpg On a chest guarded by Veteran First Mate Halim, whose key you need.
Powderkeg Shrapnel Powderkeg Shrapnel location.jpg Found in the hold of a boat beneath the flotilla.
Skyclad Mushroom Skyclad Mushrooms Map.jpg Gathered from Skyclad Mushrooms in Modri Caverns. Can also be purchased from Mehdi for 350 Kralkatite Ore.