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Corsair Keepsakes

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Corsair Keepsakes is a Daybreak achievement that requires finding specific Corsair-related items around the Corsair Flotilla.


This achievement rewards items. Corsair Keepsakes Daybreak 6Achievement points
Find all of the corsair keepsakes around the flotilla.Because even a corsair has a soft spot for trinkets.
Reward: Volatile Magic.pngVolatile Magic

  • Alehound's Brewer's Manual
  • Asef's Brandy
  • Barud's Spare Gun
  • Communal Lucky Fistwraps
  • Halim's Wooden Parrot
  • Kiango's Spyglass
  • Mehdi's Prized Hops
  • Cannonball Stash
  • Randa's Childhood Toy
  • Sayida's Sharpened Blade
Found 1 Keepsake 1Achievement points
Found 5 Keepsakes 2Achievement points
Found 10 Keepsakes 3Achievement points


Objective Map Notes