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Corsair Keepsakes

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Corsair Keepsakes is a Daybreak achievement that requires finding specific Corsair-related items around the Corsair Flotilla.


This achievement rewards items. Corsair Keepsakes Daybreak 6Achievement points
Find all of the corsair keepsakes around the flotilla.Because even a corsair has a soft spot for trinkets.
Reward: 50  Volatile Magic.png Volatile Magic

  • Alehound's Brewer's Manual
  • Asef's Brandy
  • Barud's Spare Gun
  • Communal Lucky Fistwraps
  • Halim's Wooden Parrot
  • Kiango's Spyglass
  • Mehdi's Prized Hops
  • Cannonball Stash
  • Randa's Childhood Toy
  • Sayida's Sharpened Blade
Found 1 Keepsake 1Achievement points
Found 5 Keepsakes 2Achievement points
Found 10 Keepsakes 3Achievement points


Name Map Description
Alehound's Brewer's Manual Alehound's Brewer's Manual location.jpg Southeast of The Wobbling Skies.
Asef's Brandy Asef's Brandy location.jpg North of The Wobbling Skies. In the tip on the bow of the ship.
Barud's Spare Gun Barud's Spare Gun location.jpg Northeast of The Skimming Stone.
Communal Lucky Fistwraps Communal Lucky Fistwraps location.jpg Southeast of The Skimming Stone. Between two houses.
Halim's Wooden Parrot Halim's Wooden Parrot location.jpg Southeast of The Skimming Stone. On top of one of the houses.
Kiango's Spyglass Kiango's Spyglass location.jpg East of The Dark Leviathan. Below the crows nest on top of the main mast of the ship.
Mehdi's Prized Hops Mehdi's Prized Hops location.jpg South of Shipmate Hadhi. Inside the house.
Cannonball Stash Cannonball Stash location.jpg Inside of a sunken ship below the floating wood platforms.
Randa's Childhood Toy 150pxg In the back of The Skimming Stone.
Sayida's Sharpened Blade Sayida's Sharpened Blade location.jpg In the back of The Dark Leviathan.