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Bookworm is an achievement to shelve and read 20 books scattered around The Astralarium.


This achievement rewards items. Bookworm Daybreak 6Achievement points
Put away and read books in the main library.Or at least read the back cover.
Reward: Kralkatite Ore.pngKralkatite Ore (5)

  • A Brief History of Cantha
  • Behaviors of Risen Beasts
  • Biography of Gwen Thackeray
  • Biography of Ogden Stonehealer
  • Eternal Alchemy of the Stars
  • Everyday Healing: Gift of the Monk
  • How Kormir Did It
  • Humans of Elona
  • Koss on Koss
  • Malomedies's Observational Tips
  • Raptor Training and Care
  • Skies of Nightfall
  • Spirits of the Wild
  • Star Chart Basics
  • Taming Elusive Beasts
  • The Genius of Vekk
  • The Grace of Melandru
  • The Movement of the World
  • The Reign of Palawa Joko
  • You and Your Springer
Read 1 Book 1Achievement points
Read 5 Books 0Achievement points
Read 10 Books 0Achievement points
Read 15 Books 0Achievement points
Read 20 Books 5Achievement points

Collection Items[edit]

Objective Map Category Octant Description


  • This achievement works by grabbing a book, taking to the main inner library and shelving it (the prompt "Shelve It" will be available when near the correct book shelves).
  • You can use a mount and will not drop the book you're holding while taking it to the shelf.