Jade Maw

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The Jade Maw is a kraken and the final boss encounter in the Solid Ocean Fractal.


The Mists


Primary article: Solid Ocean Fractal#Walkthrough


  • Due to its Dense Scales effect, it cannot be damaged by any regular skills.
  • The Jade Maw's beam attack can be avoided with skills that provide an evade effect (like Distortion, Elixir S or a dodge) or endured with an invulnerability effect such as the one from skills like Obsidian Flesh.
    • Dodging right after the red skull warning icon above the character disappears will avoid the beam every time.
  • The Agony applied by the Maw's phase transitions lasts for 9 seconds, ticking 9 times in total and cannot be avoided by any means.


  • There are many one-eyed creatures in mythology, notably the Balor of Irish legends, a giant cyclopean god whose evil eye could kill with just one look. Some stories state that he was killed by a stone fired from a slingshot by his grandson, Lugh.