Out of Cluck

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the achievement. For the item, see Out of Cluck (item).
Out of Cluck Fractals of the Mists Central Tyria mastery point 5Achievement points
While inside the Urban Battleground fractal, your team killed all the chickens in the city.Nothing like roast chicken after a successful siege. 1 Challenges 5Achievement points


Outside the City
  • At the starting position inside the tent
  • Nearby outside the tent
  • Along the east wall route to Dulfy, past the two ramps next to a tree
  • Between the gate and the Mistlock Singularity
Inside the City

More or less around the 4 enemy groups that can be accessed directly from the gate

  • At the entrance where the roads fork into 3 paths
  • Among the second group to the western path
  • On the eastern path, along the wall just before the first encounter
  • On the eastern path, along the wall just before the second encounter
Inside the Courtyard
  • Along the wall by the Mistlock Singularity
  • Along the edge of the courtyard's capture circle next to a statue
  • Along the wall in some brush at the northwest edge of the courtyard
  • Inside the church where Captain Ashym spawns from


  • While the achievement states the chickens are in the city, it is necessary to kill all of the chickens in the Fractal, some of which are found outside the city.
  • The 12 chickens will be spread randomly, normally 4 outside, 4 inside the city and 4 in the courtyard but some players have encountered 3 outside and 5 in the city or even 3 in the courtyard.
  • Only 10 chickens are required to complete this achievement.