Chaos Anomaly

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The Chaos Anomaly is an elemental foe found in the Chaos Isles Fractal as part of the Mysterious Asura's defenses.


The Mists

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Electrical Fields

DefianceDefiance bar segmented.png

  • Binding Bolt - Basic ranged attack that cripples the target.
  • Star Smash - Creates an AoE at the target that explodes after a few seconds, dealing moderate damage and inflicting Agony.
  • Self-Healing - Casts Regeneration.png Regeneration on self
  • Flux Bomb Casts Flux Bomb on random player
Stolen skills


  • The Chaos Anomaly uses similar attacks to the Thaumanova Anomaly. However, the Chaos Anomaly's attacks are generally weaker, especially without the danger of falling through the platforms.
  • The Anomaly's most dangerous ability is Flux Bomb, which fortunately is very noticeable. A bomb icon appears above the targeted player, and an expanding red circle below them. The bomb detonates when the circle fills. The bomb's detonation creates a field which applies heavy direct damage, Agony, Blindness, and persists for well over a minute.
  • The Flux Bombs' caused by Mistlock Instability: Flux Bomb are functionally the same, however the Instability's Flux Bomb fields expire after only 10 seconds [verification requested]
  • The Chaos Anomaly has a 270 range diameter hitbox, which is considered large.