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HTTP method
API version
version 2
Release date

This resource returns information about skins that were discovered by players in the game.


  • lang – Request localized information.


If the root endpoint (/v2/skins) is accessed without specifying an id, a list of all ids is returned. When multiple ids are requested using the ids parameter, a list of response objects is returned.

For each requested skin id, an object with the following properties is returned:

  • id (number) – The skin id.
  • name (string) – The name of the skin.
  • type (string) – The skin type, either Armor, Weapon, Back or Gathering.
  • flags (array of string) – Additional skin flags. Possible flags are:
    • ShowInWardrobe – When displayed in the account wardrobe (set for all skins listed in the API).
    • NoCost – When applying the skin is free.
    • HideIfLocked – When the skin is hidden until it is unlocked.
    • OverrideRarity - When the skin overrides item rarity when applied
  • restrictions (array of string) – Race restrictions that apply to the skin, e.g. Human will be a listed restriction, if the skin can only be applied to human characters.
  • icon (string) – The full icon URL.
  • rarity (string) - The rarity of the skin
  • description (string) – Optional skin description.
  • details (object, optional) – Additional skin details if applicable, depending on the skin type (see below).


For armor skins, the details object contains the following properties:

  • type (string) – The armor type (slot).
  • weight_class (string) – The armor weight, either Clothing, Light, Medium or Heavy.
  • dye_slots (object) - An object containing information on default slots and skin overrides. If the array item is null, this means dye cannot be applied to that slot, except if otherwise overriden by non-null values in the overrides array.
    • default (array of objects)
      • color_id (number) - The id of the default color, to be resolved against v2/colors
      • material (string) - The type of material. Either cloth, leather, metal
    • overrides (object) - Object of race/gender overrides. Each sub-object follows the same structure as default. The possible override sub-objects are: AsuraMale, AsuraFemale, CharrMale, CharrFemale, HumanMale, HumanFemale, NornMale, NornFemale, SylvariMale, SylvariFemale


For weapon skins, the details object contains the following properties:

  • type (string) – The weapon type.
  • damage_type (string) – The damage type, either Physical, Fire, Lightning, Ice or Choking.


For gathering tool skins, the details object contains the following properies:

  • type (string) - The tool type, either Foraging, Logging or Mining



   "name": "Seer Pants",
   "type": "Armor",
   "flags": [
   "restrictions": [ ],
   "rarity": "Basic",
   "id": 10,
   "icon": "https://render.guildwars2.com/file/1920ACA302E656B60C38605521760351F147809D/61088.png",
   "details": {
       "type": "Leggings",
       "weight_class": "Light",
       "dye_slots": {
           "default": [
                   "color_id": 48,
                   "material": "cloth"
                   "color_id": 127,
                   "material": "cloth"
                   "color_id": 615,
                   "material": "metal"
           "overrides": { }


  • Returned color_ids are almost entirely random for most skins and will frequently change when the API cache updates.
  • Although several back items can be dyed, no dye information is reported by this endpoint for back items.