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HTTP method
API version
version 2
Release date

This resource returns information about the supplied API key.


  • access_token - (optional) If the API key is not specified in the request header, it can be specified here.
  • v - (optional) Specify the schema version to use for the response data.


  • id (string) - The first half of the API key that was requested.
  • name (string) - The name given to the API key by the account owner. Warning: The value of this field is not escaped and may contain valid HTML, JavaScript, other code. Handle with care.
  • permissions (array) - Array of strings describing which permissions the API key has. The array can contain any of:
    • account - Grants access to the /v2/account endpoint (This permission is required for all API keys).
    • builds - Grants access to view each character's equipped specializations and gear.
    • characters - Grants access to the /v2/characters endpoint.
    • guilds - Grants access to guild info under the /v2/guild/:id/ sub-endpoints.
    • inventories - Grants access to inventories in the /v2/characters, /v2/account/bank, and /v2/account/materials endpoints.
    • progression - Grants access to achievements, dungeon unlock status, mastery point assignments, and general PvE progress.
    • pvp - Grants access to the /v2/pvp sub-endpoints. (i.e. /v2/pvp/games, /v2/pvp/stats)
    • tradingpost - Grants access to the /v2/commerce/transactions endpoint.
    • unlocks - Grants access to the /v2/account/skins and /v2/account/dyes endpoints.
    • wallet - Grants access to the /v2/account/wallet endpoint.

Additional fields as of schema 2019-05-22T00:00:00.000Z and later:

  • type (string) - The type of the access token given. Either APIKey or Subtoken.
  • expires_at (string, optional) - If a subtoken is given, ISO8601 timestamp indicating when the given subtoken expires.
  • issued_at (string, optional) - If a subtoken is given, ISO8601 timestamp indicating when the given subtoken was created.
  • urls (array, optional) - If the given subtoken is restricted to a list of URLs, contains an array of strings describing what endpoints are available to this token.



 Authorization: Bearer <access token>


  "id": "ABCDE02B-8888-FEBA-1234-DE98765C7DEF",
  "name": "My API Key",
  "permissions": [

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