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HTTP method
API version
version 2
Release date

This resource returns information about recipes that were discovered by players in the game.


If the root endpoint (/v2/recipes) is accessed without specifying an id, a list of all ids is returned. When multiple ids are requested using the ids parameter, a list of response objects is returned.

For each requested recipe id, an object with the following properties is returned:

  • id (number) – The recipe id.
  • type (string) – The recipe type. Possible values:
    • Weapon recipes: Axe, Dagger, Focus, Greatsword, Hammer, Harpoon, LongBow, Mace, Pistol, Rifle, Scepter, Shield, ShortBow, Speargun, Staff, Sword, Torch, Trident, Warhorn
    • Armor recipes: Boots, Coat, Gloves, Helm, Leggings, Shoulders
    • Trinket recipes: Amulet, Earring, Ring
    • Food recipes: Dessert, Feast, IngredientCooking, Meal, Seasoning, Snack, Soup, Food
    • Crafting component recipes: Component, Inscription, Insignia, LegendaryComponent
    • Refinement recipes: Refinement, RefinementEctoplasm, RefinementObsidian
    • Guild recipes: GuildConsumable, GuildDecoration, GuildConsumableWvw
    • Other recipes: Backpack, Bag, Bulk, Consumable, Dye, Food, Potion, UpgradeComponent
  • output_item_id (number) – The item id of the produced item resolvable against v2/items.
  • output_item_count (number) – The amount of items produced.
  • time_to_craft_ms (number) – The time in milliseconds it takes to craft the item.
  • disciplines (array of strings) – The crafting disciplines that can use the recipe. Possible values:
    • Artificer
    • Armorsmith
    • Chef
    • Huntsman
    • Jeweler
    • Leatherworker
    • Tailor
    • Weaponsmith
    • Scribe
  • min_rating (number) – The required rating to craft the recipe.
  • flags (array of strings) – Flags applying to the recipe. Possible values:
    • AutoLearned – Indicates that a recipe automatically unlocks upon reaching the required discipline rating.
    • LearnedFromItem – Indicates that a recipe is unlocked by consuming a recipe sheet.
  • ingredients (array of objects) – List of recipe ingredients. Each object contains the following properties:
    • item_id (number) – The ingredient's item id resolvable against v2/items.
    • count (number) – The quantity of this ingredient.
  • guild_ingredients (array of objects, optional) - List of recipe ingredients that come from the guild such as decorations or schematics. Each object contains the following properties:
    • upgrade_id (number) - The id of the used guild upgrade resolvable against v2/guild/upgrades.
    • count (number) - The quantity of this guild ingredient.
  • output_upgrade_id (number, optional) - The id of the produced guild upgrade resolvable against v2/guild/upgrades.
  • chat_link (string) – The chat code for the recipe.



  "type": "RefinementEctoplasm",
  "output_item_id": 46742,
  "output_item_count": 1,
  "min_rating": 450,
  "time_to_craft_ms": 5000,
  "disciplines": [ "Armorsmith", "Artificer", "Huntsman", "Weaponsmith" ],
  "flags": [ "AutoLearned" ],
  "ingredients": [
    { "item_id": 19684, "count": 50 },
    { "item_id": 19721, "count": 1 },
    { "item_id": 46747, "count": 10 }
  "id": 7319,
  "chat_link": "[&CpccAAA=]"


Scribe recipes which create guild upgrades (i.e. those producing no items which appear in the character's invesntory) currently return misleading item ids within the output_item_id field. (ref)