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Warning Warning: This API endpoint is obsolete due to the implementation of Megaserver technology. There are plans to replace it with something that returns data about the rotating world bosses, but nothing specific has been announced. See also: Stefan Larimore's post on the official forums.


HTTP method
API version
version 1
Release date

This resource returns a list of events and their status that match the given filter.


Optional parameters
  • world_id – Only list events for that world.
  • map_id – Only list events in that map.
  • event_id – Only list this event.


The response is an object with the single property events which contains list of event details, each of which contains the following properties:

  • world_id (number) – The world on which the event is running.
  • map_id (number) – The map on which the event is running.
  • event_id (string) – The event GUID identifying the event.
  • state (string) – The current state of the event.

The state can be one of the following values:

  • Inactive – The event is not running.
  • Active – The event is running now.
  • Success – The event has succeeded.
  • Fail – The event has failed.
  • Warmup – The event is inactive and waiting for certain criteria to be met before becoming Active.
  • Preparation – The criteria for the event to start have been met, but certain activities (such as an NPC dialogue) have not completed yet. After the activites have been completed, the event will become Active.



  "events": [
    { "world_id": 1001, "map_id": 39, "event_id": "2875FBFE-668E-438A-8CE7-A4BCF2EF0175", "state": "Warmup" },
    { "world_id": 1001, "map_id": 39, "event_id": "E0D7E88D-4FF6-42FA-AFFC-0DF4111C2CCD", "state": "Active" },
    { "world_id": 1001, "map_id": 39, "event_id": "831DC6FB-5F63-4B0C-96A5-FE2037EBEE7F", "state": "Active" },
    { "world_id": 1001, "map_id": 39, "event_id": "C6EFB827-EABC-4100-A6FE-97C7D9275CEC", "state": "Active" },