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HTTP method
API version
version 2
Release date

This resource returns information about the total amount of mastery points that are unlocked for an account. A detailed mastery track completion break down is available at /v2/account/masteries.


  • access_token (optional) – Can be used to specify an API key for the request if it is not given in the request header.


This request will return an object with the following properties:

  • totals (array of objects)
    • region (string) – The mastery region. Current possible options: Tyria, Maguuma, Desert.
    • spent (number) – Amount of masteries of this region spent in mastery tracks.
    • earned (number) – Amount of masteries of this region earned for the account.
  • unlocked (array of numbers) – Array of mastery ids.



Authorization: Bearer <API key>


  "totals": [
      "region": "Tyria",
      "spent": 49,
      "earned": 63
      "region": "Maguuma",
      "spent": 137,
      "earned": 175
      "region": "Desert",
      "spent": 76,
      "earned": 84
  "unlocked": [


  • Mastery points from certain achievements (Transfer Chaser, Nightmare Fractal) are not displayed by this endpoint. (ref)
  • Mastery points for achievements which are not whitelisted can also be displayed (such as 494 and 535).
  • Most mastery points are awarded by achievements, and as such can be mapped against the mastery rewards listed in API:2/achievements. The exception to this is Defeat Mayatl the Fierce which is not tracked with an achievement but awards mastery point 126.
  • Since there is no API generated list of all available mastery points, a reference table of mastery data according to the wiki is provided below for convenience:
    • Results 0-500
      Mastery IDMastery typeMastery quantityAchievement IDAchievement categoryAchievement name
      1Heart of Thorns12172Tangled DepthsCloak and Snagger
      3Heart of Thorns12144Mastery InsightsVerdant Brink Insight: The Corpse Grove
      4Heart of Thorns12145Mastery InsightsVerdant Brink Insight: Thistlevine Ravine
      5Heart of Thorns12425Dragon's StandLey Line Glider
      6Heart of Thorns12424Verdant BrinkTendril Torchers: Silver
      7Heart of Thorns12472Heart of Thorns: Act 4Hearts and Minds
      8Heart of Thorns12396Tangled Depths Insight: Northern Confluence
      9Heart of Thorns12148Verdant Brink Insight: Outside Noble Ledges
      10Heart of Thorns12443Heart of Thorns: Act 3Buried Insight
      11Heart of Thorns12275Enchanted Armor Wearer
      13Heart of Thorns12326"Sword of Smodur" Strongbox
      14Heart of Thorns12269Central Tower Taker
      15Heart of Thorns12435Bugs in the Branches: Silver
      16Heart of Thorns12160Pact Pilot Protector
      17Heart of Thorns12201Heart of Thorns: Act 1Prisoners of the Dragon
      18Heart of Thorns13073Out of the ShadowsThis Time, Stay Dead
      19Heart of Thorns12575Southern Tower Taker
      20Heart of Thorns12380Tangled Depths Insight: Terraced Hive
      21Heart of Thorns12249"Glory of Tyria" Strongbox
      22Heart of Thorns12579Lore Untangler
      23Heart of Thorns12625Friend of the Frogs
      25Heart of Thorns12601Prismatic Percher
      26Heart of Thorns12414Munition Re-Upper
      27Heart of Thorns12240Auric Basin"Vengeance Rising" Strongbox
      28Heart of Thorns12371Chak Crusher
      32Central Tyria1690HeroMaster of Heroics
      33Heart of Thorns12243"Unsolved Conundrum" Strongbox
      35Heart of Thorns12214"Pride of Lion's Arch" Strongbox
      36Heart of Thorns12489Jungle Totem Hunter
      37Heart of Thorns12194Vinetooth Hunter
      38Heart of Thorns12237Regurgicidal
      39Heart of Thorns12614Invisible King
      40Heart of Thorns12517Auric Basin Insight: Luminate's Throne
      41Heart of Thorns12401Sum Viewer
      42Heart of Thorns12150Verdant Brink Insight: Heartless Pass
      43Heart of Thorns12149Verdant Brink Insight: Creeping Crevasse
      44Heart of Thorns12365"Cryptonym" Strongbox
      46Heart of Thorns12349Tangled Depths Insight: Twisting Viaduct
      47Heart of Thorns12440Establishing a Foothold
      49Heart of Thorns12436Dive Master: Chak Hive
      50Heart of Thorns12321Pulse Room Glider
      51Heart of Thorns12286Master Mushroom Spelunker
      52Heart of Thorns12558Flying Circus: Silver
      53Heart of Thorns12392Sign Cutting
      55Heart of Thorns12615Potoni Masher
      56Heart of Thorns12627Heart of Thorns: Act 2City of Hope
      57Heart of Thorns12527Heart of Thorns: Act 2The Predator's Path
      59Heart of Thorns12612Auric Basin Insight: The Falls
      61Heart of Thorns12305Tangled Depths Insight: Order of Whispers Outpost
      63Heart of Thorns12568Forgotten City Arches
      64Heart of Thorns12577Bitter Harvest
      65Heart of Thorns12299SCAR Supporter
      66Heart of Thorns12515"Legacy of Owl" Strongbox
      67Heart of Thorns12264Torn from the Sky
      68Heart of Thorns12210"Shard of Brilliance" Strongbox
      70Heart of Thorns12540Flying Circus: Gold
      71Heart of Thorns12439Shooting Star
      72Heart of Thorns12512"Obsidian Triumph" Strongbox
      74Heart of Thorns12157Tendril Torchers: Gold
      75Heart of Thorns12146Verdant Brink Insight: Holdfast Hollow
      76Heart of Thorns13081Magic Unbound: The Gathering
      77Heart of Thorns12446"Plains of Golghein" Strongbox
      79Heart of Thorns12631"Faren's Flyer" Strongbox
      80Heart of Thorns12613Honorary Ogre
      83Heart of Thorns12552"Mellaggan's Valor" Strongbox
      85Heart of Thorns12624"Thunderbreaker" Strongbox
      86Heart of Thorns12324Verdant Brink Insight: Canopy Over Pact Encampment
      87Heart of Thorns12634Tarir Challenge Winner
      88Heart of Thorns12590Fire Jumper
      89Heart of Thorns12178In Their Footsteps
      90Heart of Thorns12315The Jungle Provides
      91Heart of Thorns12343Dive Master: Verdant Brink
      92Heart of Thorns12505"Lethal Vantage" Strongbox
      93Heart of Thorns12364Heart of Thorns Act III Mastery
      95Heart of Thorns12339Verdant Brink Insight: Fumerol Caves
      98Heart of Thorns12347Mushroom Musterer
      100Heart of Thorns12538"Dragonrender" Strongbox
      102Heart of Thorns12617"Straight and Narrow" Strongbox
      103Heart of Thorns12509Heart of Thorns: Act 2Heart of Thorns Act II Mastery
      104Heart of Thorns12583"Slice of Sky" Strongbox
      105Heart of Thorns12314Heart of Thorns Act I Mastery
      106Heart of Thorns12281Ground Pounder
      107Heart of Thorns13065Confessor's Stronghold
      108Heart of Thorns12573Bronzer
      110Heart of Thorns12531Roots of Terror
      111Heart of Thorns12265Dragon's Stand Overviewer
      112Heart of Thorns12457Tangled Depths Insight: Nuhoch Lane
      113Heart of Thorns12544"Scorchrazor II" Strongbox
      114Heart of Thorns12164Auric Basin Insight: Southwatch Creep
      116Heart of Thorns12204Auric Basin Insight: Jawatl Grounds
      118Heart of Thorns13521One Path EndsEcholocation
      119Heart of Thorns12143Auric Basin Insight: Lastgear Standing
      120Heart of Thorns12267Auric Basin Insight: Eastwatch Bluff
      121Heart of Thorns12501Strange Observations
      122Heart of Thorns12328Laser Lighter
      124Heart of Thorns12566Sky Commander
      125Heart of Thorns12155Honorary Rata Novan
      126Heart of Thorns1Defeat Mayatl the Fierce
      127Heart of Thorns12437"Whitebear's Pride II" Strongbox
      128Heart of Thorns12581The Way In
      129Heart of Thorns12350Shooting Gallery: Silver
      130Heart of Thorns12565"Endurance" Strongbox
      132Heart of Thorns12595Tamer of Wyverns
      133Heart of Thorns12460Bugs in the Branches: Gold
      134Heart of Thorns12376Northern Tower Taker
      135Heart of Thorns13516One Path EndsOne Path Ends Mastery
      136Heart of Thorns13049Grief Counseling
      137Heart of Thorns12168Auric Basin Insight: Masks of the Fallen
      139Heart of Thorns13078Bloodstone Fen Insight: Fragmented Wastes
      140Heart of Thorns13061Bloodstone Fen Insight: Temple of Renewal
      141Heart of Thorns12417Droppin' Bombs
      142Heart of Thorns12397Heart of Thorns Act IV Mastery
      143Heart of Thorns12147Verdant Brink Insight: Creaking Cavern
      144Heart of Thorns12608Auric Basin Insight: Burnisher Quarry
      145Heart of Thorns12276Shooting Gallery: Gold
      146Heart of Thorns12256Prismatic Plunderer
      147Heart of Thorns12605Bat Wrangler
      148Heart of Thorns12387Wallowing Whiz
      149Heart of Thorns12320Prized Possessions
      150Heart of Thorns12331The Floor Is Lava?: Gold
      151Heart of Thorns12821Salvation PassSeimur Was Wrong
      152Heart of Thorns12382Sanctum Scramble: Gold
      153Heart of Thorns13017Stronghold of the FaithfulDismantled
      154Heart of Thorns12484The Floor Is Lava?: Silver
      155Heart of Thorns12499Salvage Pit: Gold
      156Heart of Thorns13350The Head of the SnakeLake Doric Insight: Watcher's Hollow
      158Heart of Thorns12465Haywire Punch-o-Matic Battle: Gold
      159Heart of Thorns12607A Fungus Among Us: Gold
      160Heart of Thorns12445On Wings of Gold: Gold
      161Heart of Thorns13288The Head of the SnakeIt's a Trap
      162Heart of Thorns12173The Ley-Line Run: Gold
      163Heart of Thorns12494Salvage Pit: Silver
      164Heart of Thorns12826The Big Sleep
      165Heart of Thorns13340The Head of the SnakeConfessor's End
      166Heart of Thorns12526Beetle Feast: Silver
      167Heart of Thorns13024Siege the Stronghold
      168Heart of Thorns12835Slippery Slubling
      169Heart of Thorns12430Haywire Punch-o-Matic Battle: Silver
      170Heart of Thorns12659Spirit ValeFire Extinguisher
      172Heart of Thorns13014Deconstructed
      173Heart of Thorns13358Lake Doric Insight: Lakeside Bazaar
      175Heart of Thorns12252On Wings of Gold: Silver
      177Heart of Thorns13019Down, Down, Downed
      178Heart of Thorns12188A Fungus Among Us: Silver
      179Heart of Thorns12830The Shield
      180Heart of Thorns13344A Fly in the Ointment
      181Heart of Thorns12406Fallen Masks: Gold
      182Heart of Thorns12653Spirit ValeUndefeated
      183Heart of Thorns12836Avenger of the Pact
      184Heart of Thorns13377Lake Doric Insight: Melandru's Flourish
      185Heart of Thorns13333Those Giant Hands
      186Heart of Thorns12230Scrap Rifle Field Test: Silver
      187Heart of Thorns13284Lake Doric Insight: Melandru's Refuge
      188Heart of Thorns12667Spirit ValePut to Rest
      189Heart of Thorns12654Spirit ValeBeyond the Vale
      191Heart of Thorns12334Drone Race: Gold
      192Heart of Thorns12215Drone Race: Silver
      193Heart of Thorns12546Beetle Feast: Gold
      194Heart of Thorns12633Sanctum Scramble: Silver
      195Heart of Thorns13365Holding Back the Tide
      196Heart of Thorns12200Fallen Masks: Silver
      197Heart of Thorns12298The Ley-Line Run: Silver
      198Heart of Thorns13122Rising FlamesDragon Duty
      199Heart of Thorns12335Scrap Rifle Field Test: Gold
      202Central Tyria1335ExplorerDive Master
      203Central Tyria11749Rare CollectionsAmbrite Weapon Collection
      205Central Tyria11802The SilverwastesThe Annihilator
      207Central Tyria11783Echoes of the PastEchoes of the Past
      208Central Tyria1Personal Story Chapter 1
      209Central Tyria1392Fractals of the MistsCarrier Cacophony
      210Central Tyria11795Entanglement"Entanglement" Mastery
      211Central Tyria1367Jumping PuzzlesHidden Garden
      212Central Tyria11659Entanglement
      213Central Tyria11189Holo-Hornpipe
      214Central Tyria1395Take a Bow
      215Central Tyria11784The Dragon's Reach, Part 1"The Dragon's Reach, Part 1" Mastery
      216Central Tyria11734Ascended Accoutrement
      217Central Tyria1Personal Story Chapter 3
      218Central Tyria12128Lion's Arch Exterminator
      220Central Tyria1Personal Story Chapter 6
      222Central Tyria11192Shockwave Skipper
      224Central Tyria11641Gates of MaguumaGates of Maguuma
      225Central Tyria11801The Executioner
      226Central Tyria12474BossesAmber Wurmslayer
      227Central Tyria11712Fractal Master
      228Central Tyria1Personal Story Chapter 5
      229Central Tyria11700The Dragon's Reach, Part 2The Dragon's Reach, Part 2
      230Central Tyria11822Tangled PathsTangled Paths
      231Central Tyria1121Dungeons Discovered
      232Central Tyria11459Triple TroubleWurmicidal Maniac
      233Central Tyria11796"Gates of Maguuma" Mastery
      235Central Tyria1Personal Story Chapter 4
      236Central Tyria11835Go for the Gold
      237Central Tyria1223FashionThe Emperor's New Wardrobe
      238Central Tyria11190Subject 6 Deep-Sixer
      239Central Tyria12169Crimson Wurmslayer
      240Central Tyria1398Flawless Fins Foil Foes
      241Central Tyria11754Basic CollectionsKoutalophile
      242Central Tyria11654Dry TopRuler of Shinies
      243Central Tyria1397If We Only Had Marshmallows
      244Central Tyria11834Retrospective Runaround
      245Central Tyria1399Out of Cluck
      246Central Tyria11826Seeds of TruthSeeds of Truth
      247Central Tyria1910TequatlTequatl the Sunless
      248Central Tyria12054Point of No Return"Point of No Return" Mastery
      249Central Tyria1Personal Story Chapter 2
      252Central Tyria11674The Dragon's Reach, Part 1
      253Central Tyria1391The Floor Is Lava. Don't Step In It.
      256Central Tyria11816"Tangled Paths" Mastery
      257Central Tyria11803The Tormentor
      258Central Tyria11782Bioluminescence
      259Central Tyria1Personal Story Chapter 7
      260Central Tyria11191Horrik's Horror
      261Central Tyria11804The Be-All and the End-All
      262Central Tyria1396Hop, Skip, and Jump
      265Central Tyria11785"Echoes of the Past" Mastery
      267Central Tyria1900Slaughter in the Swamp
      268Central Tyria12202Karka Queen Killer
      269Central Tyria11827"Seeds of Truth" Mastery
      270Central Tyria1394Fancy Footwork
      272Central Tyria1Personal Story Chapter 8
      273Central Tyria1137Been There, Done That
      274Central Tyria11790"The Dragon's Reach, Part 2" Mastery
      275Central Tyria12060Point of No ReturnPoint of No Return
      276Central Tyria11342Triple Trouble
      277Central Tyria11193Weapons Tester
      278Central Tyria11799The Demolisher
      279Central Tyria1393Open Grave
      280Central Tyria12620Cobalt Wurmslayer
      281Heart of Thorns12824Salvation Pass Mastery
      282Heart of Thorns13119Skip up the Volcano
      283Heart of Thorns13133Metal Mountain
      284Heart of Thorns13104Hungry Hal
      285Heart of Thorns13116Ember Bay Insight: Ashen Skerries
      286Central Tyria12279Gold Fractal Master
      287Heart of Thorns13103Ember Bay Insight: Caliph's Steps
      288Heart of Thorns13136Dragon Vigil
      289Heart of Thorns13174A Crack in the IceBitterfrost Frontier Insight: The Bitter Cold
      290Heart of Thorns13224A Crack in the IceFrozen Out
      291Heart of Thorns13217A Crack in the IceBitterfrost Frontier Insight: The Svanir Hive
      292Heart of Thorns13214A Crack in the IceQuirky Quaggan Quest
      293Heart of Thorns13240A Crack in the IceBitterfrost Frontier Insight: Griffin Old Growth
      294Heart of Thorns13321Bastion of the PenitentIt's Just a Game
      295Heart of Thorns13364Bastion of the PenitentFree at Last
      296Heart of Thorns13349Bastion of the PenitentBreaking In
      297Heart of Thorns13347Bastion of the PenitentThe Warden Will See You Now
      298Heart of Thorns13431FlashpointDraconis Mons Insight: Western Boiling Sea
      299Heart of Thorns13424FlashpointWurm Slurper
      300Heart of Thorns13404FlashpointDraconis Mons Insight: Scalding Gorge
      301Heart of Thorns13420FlashpointPeople Watching
      302Heart of Thorns13412FlashpointSearing Ascent
      303Heart of Thorns13422FlashpointHeart of the Volcano
      304Heart of Thorns13418FlashpointDraconis Mons Insight: Savage Rise
      305Heart of Thorns13428FlashpointTerror of the Boiling Sea
      306Central Tyria13209Nightmare FractalNightmare Fractal
      307Heart of Thorns13546The Withered Rose
      308Heart of Thorns13475Siren's Landing Insight: Lava Leap
      309Central Tyria13543Mastery InsightsSparkfly Fen Insight: Shattercleft Hills
      310Heart of Thorns13477Siren's Landing Insight: Kelp Rock
      311Heart of Thorns13507"Where's Balthazar?"
      312Heart of Thorns13508Siren's Landing Insight: Dwayna's Tears
      313Central Tyria13539Mastery InsightsHarathi Hinterlands Insight: Hidden Ourobon
      314Central Tyria13531Mastery InsightsMount Maelstrom Insight: Volcanic Rim
      315Central Tyria13526Mastery InsightsIron Marches Insight: Sunken Halls of Clarent
      316Heart of Thorns13506Siren's Landing Insight: Cliff's Edge
      317Heart of Thorns13473Abaddon's Ascent
      318Heart of Thorns13470The Last Chance
      319Central Tyria13534Mastery InsightsDredgehaunt Cliffs Insight: Dostoev Sky Peak
      320Central Tyria13530Mastery InsightsFireheart Rise Insight: Cozen Desolation
      321Heart of Thorns13485Shining Blade Secrets
      322Central Tyria13513Shattered Observatory FractalShattered Observatory Fractal
      323Central Tyria13504Timberline Falls Insight: Copperhammer Mines
      324Central Tyria13501Bloodtide Coast Insight: Bloody Bill's Base
      325Central Tyria13476Malchor's Leap Insight: Scavenger's Chasm
      326Heart of Thorns13487Master Storyteller
      327Heart of Thorns13490Siren's Landing Insight: Buoyant Bough
      328Path of Fire13704Mastery InsightsElon Riverlands Insight: Pillars of Sovereignty
      329Path of Fire13631Path of Fire: Act 3Small Victory (Epilogue)
      330Path of Fire13563Elon Riverlands Insight: Leviathan's Gullet
      331Path of Fire13671Desert Highlands Insight: Base of the Watchtower
      332Path of Fire13593The DesolationPath of the Gods
      333Path of Fire13744Crystal OasisJust a Sip
      334Path of Fire13808Path of Fire: Act 1Blazing a Trail
      335Path of Fire13592Desolation Insight: Sand Jackal Leap
      336Path of Fire13605Desert Highlands Insight: Makali Outpost
      337Path of Fire13692Domain of Vabbi Insight: Yahnur Sandfall
      338Path of Fire13570Reins of the Raptor
      339Path of Fire13857Sulfur Shooter
      340Path of Fire13669Elon RiverlandsMagic Hunter
      341Path of Fire13733Path of Fire: Act 2Facing the Truth
      342Path of Fire13567Crystal DesertFleet of Foot
      343Path of Fire13767Elon Riverlands Insight: Vulture Drifts Summit
      344Path of Fire13867Crystal DesertOpen Skies: On Wings and a Prayer
      345Central Tyria13712Conservation of MagicConservation of Magic
      346Path of Fire13555Domain of VabbiLost Lore of the Domain of Vabbi
      347Path of Fire13884Desert HighlandsSpringer Backpacking
      348Path of Fire13730Night of Fires
      349Path of Fire13714Crystal Oasis Insight: Glint's Legacy
      350Path of Fire13885Desolation Insight: Silent Isle
      351Central Tyria13099Transfer ChaserTransfer Chaser
      352Path of Fire13566Crystalline Memories
      353Path of Fire13633Lost Lore of the Desolation
      354Path of Fire13643Kaadsseo the Wise
      355Path of Fire13710Crystal Oasis Insight: Imed's Grotto
      356Path of Fire13707Skimmer Search
      357Path of Fire13653Ziadih the Fearless
      358Path of Fire13581Beast of War
      359Path of Fire13728Honoring the Fallen
      360Path of Fire13620Desolation Insight: Shattered Ravines
      361Path of Fire13763Crystal Oasis Insight: Old Amnoon
      362Path of Fire13849Equipment Tracker
      363Path of Fire13551Lost Pilgrims
      364Path of Fire13795Elon Riverlands Insight: Heroes' Overlook
      366Path of Fire13622The Sacrifice
      367Path of Fire13591Desert Highlands Insight: Above the Flats
      368Path of Fire13755Desert Highlands Insight: Standstill Spire
      369Path of Fire13627Skimming the Surface
      370Path of Fire13800Desert Highlands Insight: Derelict Perch
      371Path of Fire13645Desolation Insight: The Mouth of Torment
      372Path of Fire13851Jilai the Radiant
      373Path of Fire13713Desert Highlands Insight: Sunderlands Crater
      374Path of Fire13673Enemy of My Enemy
      375Path of Fire13600Desolation Insight: Tarstone Weeps
      376Path of Fire13630Desert Highlands Insight: Discarded Vessels
      377Central Tyria13575Justice of the BladeJustice of the Blade
      378Path of Fire13640Desert Highlands Insight: Giant's Bough
      379Path of Fire13656Desert Highlands Insight: Palace of Aban
      380Path of Fire13805Crystal Oasis Insight: Sifuri Quicksand
      381Path of Fire13878Desert Highlands Insight: Brightwater Hollow
      383Path of Fire13803Domain of Vabbi Insight: Kodash Brazier
      384Path of Fire13625Lost Lore of Crystal Oasis
      385Path of Fire13875Desert Highlands Insight: Kanuz Overlook
      386Path of Fire13717Crystal Oasis Insight: Sanctum of Nabkha
      387Path of Fire13594Lost Lore of Desert Highlands
      388Path of Fire13773Crystal Oasis Bounty Tour
      389Path of Fire13588The Departing
      390Path of Fire13810Desert Highlands Insight: Overreach Spider Nest
      391Path of Fire13655Crystal Oasis Insight: Amnoon Bazaar
      392Path of Fire13610Desert Highlands Insight: The Tombs
      393Path of Fire13761Elon Riverlands Insight: Ossa's Defeat
      394Path of Fire13580Hallowed Ground
      395Path of Fire13841Domain of Vabbi Insight: Zagonur Towers
      396Path of Fire13775Yoonam the Intrepid
      397Path of Fire13667Zomi the Accomplished
      398Path of Fire13632Lost Lore of Elon Riverlands
      399Path of Fire13833Descension
      400Path of Fire13836Yitfei the Light
      401Path of Fire13659Desolation Insight: Henge of Joko
      402Path of Fire13769Desert Highlands Insight: Highjump Rise
      403Path of Fire13573Desolation Insight: Sandfall Sanctum
      404Path of Fire13672To Kill a God
      405Path of Fire13695Desolation Insight: Arena of Vayu
      406Path of Fire13664The Way Forward
      407Path of Fire13871Jackal Reconnaissance
      408Path of Fire13872Juaruadun the Flawless
      409Path of Fire13644A Trip Down Memory Lane
      410Path of Fire13590Mysteries of the Exalted
      411Path of Fire13603Elon Riverlands Insight: Shallows of Despair
      413Path of Fire13701Elon Riverlands Insight: Sovereign Ridge
      414Path of Fire13783Desert Highlands Insight: Lifeblood Falls Grub Ledge
      415Path of Fire13628Kumaa the Feisty
      416Path of Fire13852Elon Riverlands Insight: Deadhouse Vault
      417Path of Fire13818Desert Dogs
      418Path of Fire13806Dune Rider
      419Path of Fire14029DaybreakIstan Insight: Colossus of Palawadan
      420Central Tyria14024Hollow Victory
      421Path of Fire13981DaybreakIstan Insight: Pillar of the Faithless
      422Path of Fire13992DaybreakUnfinished Business
      423Path of Fire14016Hall of ChainsWhat's Death May Never Die
      424Path of Fire13996The First City
      425Path of Fire14026Istan Insight: The Wobbling Skies
      426Path of Fire14096A Bug in the SystemSandswept Isles Insight: The Hunting Grounds
      427Path of Fire14134A Bug in the SystemSandswept Isles Insight: Rata Primus
      428Path of Fire14150A Bug in the SystemSandswept Isles Insight: Invariant Enclave
      429Path of Fire14125A Bug in the SystemSandswept Isles Insight: Atholma
      430Path of Fire14206Long Live the LichDomain of Kourna Insight: Allied Encampment
      431Path of Fire14270Long Live the LichBeetle Feed
      432Path of Fire14213Long Live the LichDomain of Kourna Insight: Dabiji Hollows
      433Path of Fire14256Long Live the Lich[FTT 201–407] Practicum in Advanced Dynamics
      434Path of Fire14228Long Live the LichDomain of Kourna Insight: Dunlon Springs
      435Path of Fire14255Long Live the LichDomain of Kourna Insight: Bokoss Prison Ruins
      436Path of Fire14261Long Live the LichDomain of Kourna Insight: Ntouka Pond
      437Path of Fire14386A Star to Guide UsJahai Insight: Harpy Rock
      438Path of Fire14395Mythwright GambitRegulars on the Tour
      439Path of Fire14368Jahai Insight: Fang of the Dragon
      440Path of Fire14411Jahai Insight: Scar Overlook
      441Path of Fire14396Mythwright GambitThe Fire Djinn Extinguished
      442Path of Fire14360Jahai Bounty Hunter
      443Path of Fire14405Jahai Insight: Talon of the Dragon
      444Path of Fire14380Jahai Insight: Crescent's Prosperity
      445Path of Fire14358Storm Tracking
      446Path of Fire14413You Can Certainly Try
      447Path of Fire14525All or NothingThunderhead Peaks Insight: Brechnar's Gauntlet
      448Path of Fire14524All or NothingThunderhead Peaks Insight: Ironhammer Crossing
      449Path of Fire14543All or NothingThunderhead Peaks Insight: Shattered Bay
      450Path of Fire14564All or NothingGrand Prize
      451Path of Fire14578All or NothingThunderhead Peaks Insight: Sorrow's Cave
      452Path of Fire14567All or NothingStubborn
      453Path of Fire14617All or NothingTrial by Fire
      454Path of Fire14577All or NothingJourneyman of the Forge
      455Path of Fire14515All or NothingHonored Ritual
      456Path of Fire14664War EternalDragonfall Insight: Scorched Cliffs Treetop
      457Path of Fire14745War EternalRiding Skyscales
      459Path of Fire14735War EternalDragonfall Insight: Above the Umbral Battlegrounds
      460Path of Fire14685War EternalDragonfall Insight: Grenth's Teeth Coastline
      461Path of Fire14690War EternalDragonfall Insight: Gnarlgrove Overlook
      462Path of Fire14741War EternalDragonfall Insight: Dragon's Snare
      463Path of Fire14701War EternalDragonfall Insight: Skyscale Eyrie
      466Path of Fire14747War EternalHeart to Heart
      469Path of Fire14742War EternalThe Battle of Dragonfall
      470Icebrood Saga15011Whisper in the DarkIce-Bound
      471Icebrood Saga15041Whisper in the DarkBjora Marches Insight: Ravenfrost Caverns
      472Icebrood Saga15058Whisper in the DarkBjora Marches Insight: Aberrant Forest
      473Icebrood Saga15020Whisper in the DarkThe Hunger
      474Icebrood Saga15057Whisper in the DarkBjora Marches Insight: Fallen Mountain Overlook
      475Icebrood Saga15017Whisper in the DarkRaven's Favor
      476Icebrood Saga15043Whisper in the DarkBjora Marches Insight: Asgeir's Legacy
      477Icebrood Saga15035Whisper in the DarkMaster of the Ancestral Forge
      478Icebrood Saga15031Whisper in the DarkThe Invitation
      479Icebrood Saga15054Whisper in the DarkEast Bjora Marches Treasure Hunter
      480Icebrood Saga15082Prologue: Bound by BloodParty Guardian
      481Icebrood Saga15118Shadow in the IceLegendary Whisper of Jormag
      482Icebrood Saga15112Shadow in the IceKoda Be Praised
      483Icebrood Saga15113Shadow in the IceVoice in the Deep
      484Icebrood Saga15111Grothmar Valley Insight: Shimmering Spire
      485Icebrood Saga15129Shadow in the IceBjora Marches Insight: Frozen Waterfall
      486Icebrood Saga15138Shadow in the IceCatalyst of the Spirits
      487Icebrood Saga15141Shadow in the IceBreak Drakkar
      488Icebrood Saga15142DrakkarStrong, Like Ox
      489Icebrood Saga15146Luminiferous
      490Icebrood Saga15088Bjora Marches Insight: Drakkar's Lair
      491Icebrood Saga15128Grothmar Valley Insight: Branching Out
      492Icebrood Saga15090Bjora Marches Insight: The Lost Kodan Ship
      493Icebrood Saga15333No QuarterDrizzlewood Coast Insight: Camp Apex
      Icebrood Saga25247No QuarterMorale Breaker
      495Icebrood Saga15252Tengu Weapon Collector
      496Icebrood Saga15327No QuarterGlory to the Ash Legion
      497Icebrood Saga15308No QuarterSpecial Forces
      498Icebrood Saga15297No QuarterCache Hunter
      499Icebrood Saga15312No QuarterGlory to the Blood Legion
      500Icebrood Saga15298No QuarterGlory to the Iron Legion
      501Icebrood Saga15329No QuarterTurnabout
      502Icebrood Saga15303No QuarterDrizzlewood Coast Insight: Waterfall's Nexus
      503Icebrood Saga15336No QuarterDrizzlewood Coast Insight: Vulpine Road
      504Icebrood Saga15326No QuarterDrizzlewood Coast Insight: Meditative Falls
      505Icebrood Saga15319No QuarterGlory to the Flame Legion
      506Icebrood Saga15262No QuarterScorched
      507Icebrood Saga15271Stormcaller Armaments Collector
      508Icebrood Saga15291No Quarter"No Quarter" Mastery
      510Icebrood Saga15415Jormag RisingDrizzlewood Coast Insight: Camp Cliffs
      511Icebrood Saga15423Jormag RisingSpiritual Renewal
      512Icebrood Saga15421Jormag RisingDrizzlewood Coast Insight: Falls
      513Icebrood Saga15366Jormag RisingOne Charr, One Dragon, One Champion
      514Icebrood Saga15374Jormag RisingDrizzlewood Coast Insight: Northern Camp
      515Icebrood Saga15414Jormag RisingTreasure Sleuth
      516Icebrood Saga15410Jormag RisingImpressive Pugilist
      517Icebrood Saga15364Jormag RisingDeath to the Corrupted
      518Icebrood Saga15420Jormag RisingCitadel Crasher
      519Icebrood Saga15403Jormag RisingDeath to the Dominion
      520Icebrood Saga15396Jormag RisingDrizzlewood Coast Insight: Frost Citadel
      521Icebrood Saga15378Jormag RisingDrizzlewood Coast Insight: The Frostveins
      522Central Tyria15438Sunqua Peak FractalSunqua Peak Fractal
      524Icebrood Saga15478ChampionsChampions Insight: Caledon Forest
      525Icebrood Saga15498ChampionsChampions Insight: Brisban Wildlands
      526Icebrood Saga15505ChampionsPrimordus Rising
      527Icebrood Saga15596ChampionsNo More Sacrifices
      528Icebrood Saga15710DragonstormSkritt Hot
      529Icebrood Saga15580Killer Waves
      530Icebrood Saga15694DragonstormDouble (Elder) Dragon
      531Icebrood Saga15486Shooting Stars
      532Icebrood Saga15658Friendly Fire
      533Icebrood Saga15533Champions Insight: Gendarran Fields
      534Icebrood Saga15512Champion's End
      535Icebrood Saga15484Dragon Response Master
      536Icebrood Saga15502Champions Insight: Snowden Drifts
      537Icebrood Saga15515Champions Insight: Fireheart Rise
      538Icebrood Saga15540Champions Insight: Thunderhead Keep
      539Icebrood Saga15489Dragon Response Expert
      540Icebrood Saga15545Volcanic Stormcaller Armaments Collector
      541Icebrood Saga15699DragonstormFast Fire and Frost Fighter
      542Icebrood Saga15517Champions Insight: Metrica Province
      543Icebrood Saga15544Wildfire
      544Icebrood Saga15485Champions Insight: Bloodtide Coast
      545Icebrood Saga15536Champions Insight: Fields of Ruin
      546Icebrood Saga15701DragonstormCooler Than Cool
      547Icebrood Saga15504Champions Insight: Lake Doric
      548End of Dragons16236Dragon's EndRaptor Ride: Chantry of the Crab
      549End of Dragons16341Mastery InsightsNew Kaineng Insight: Lutgardis Market
      550End of Dragons16448ArborstoneThe Fate of House zu Heltzer
      551End of Dragons16445The Echovald WildsThe Haunted Court
      552End of Dragons16389New Kaineng Insight: Jade Monument
      553End of Dragons16381The End of the Celestial Ministry
      554End of Dragons16410Seitung Province Insight: Naga Island
      555End of Dragons16386The Echovald WildsWard Nemesis
      556End of Dragons16202End of Dragons: Act 4End of Dragons: Act 4 Mastery
      557End of Dragons16500End of Dragons: Act 4Weight of the World
      558End of Dragons16422CanthaI Am the Captain
      559End of Dragons16382Echovald Wilds Insight: Wrightstone Chantry
      560End of Dragons16334Echovald Wilds Insight: Mori Village
      561End of Dragons16232CanthaHook, Line, and Sinker
    • Results 500+
      Mastery IDMastery typeMastery quantityAchievement IDAchievement categoryAchievement name
      561End of Dragons16232CanthaHook, Line, and Sinker
      562End of Dragons16496Dragon's EndDragon Pacifier
      563End of Dragons16335Master of the Unseen
      564End of Dragons16133End of Dragons: Act 5End of Dragons: Act 5 Mastery
      565End of Dragons16476Mastery InsightsNew Kaineng Insight: Naksi Bay Ruins
      566End of Dragons16094Mastery InsightsEchovald Wilds Insight: Aspenwood Passageway
      567End of Dragons16504End of Dragons: Act 2End of Dragons: Act 2 Mastery
      568End of Dragons16134End of Dragons: Act 1Your Kind of People
      569End of Dragons16084End of DragonsXunlai Jade Junkyard
      570End of Dragons16360Dragon's End Insight: Shrine Rooftop
      571End of Dragons16399ArborstoneBuilding a Better Bot
      572End of Dragons16191Seitung Province Insight: Derelict Temple
      573End of Dragons16119Seitung Province Insight: Camp Peaks
      574End of Dragons16479Seitung Province Insight: Valor Shrine
      575End of Dragons16182New Kaineng Insight: Ancient Vault
      576End of Dragons16379New Kaineng Insight: South Old Kaineng Ruins
      577End of Dragons16300Fueled by Elder Dragons
      578End of Dragons16172The Only One
      579End of Dragons16136Seitung ProvinceSeitung Prison Springer Ride
      580End of Dragons16139Can't Trust a Pirate
      581End of Dragons16257Seitung ProvinceDerelict Temple Raptor Ride
      582End of Dragons16456Untarnished Spirit
      583End of Dragons16183The Echovald WildsAvian Sharpshooter
      584End of Dragons16306The Echovald WildsThe Haunted Perch
      585End of Dragons16468Seitung Province Meta-Event
      586End of Dragons16189New Kaineng CityWind through the Walls
      587End of Dragons16326The Cycle, Reborn
      588End of Dragons16441New Kaineng Insight: Ministry Ward Platform
      589End of Dragons16234Springer Ride: Kuan Jun Pavilion
      590End of Dragons16244Echovald Wilds Insight: Ferndale Stairs
      591End of Dragons16126Outreach
      592End of Dragons16228Survivors
      593End of Dragons16333Character Growth
      594End of Dragons16378Both Hale and Hearty
      595End of Dragons16470The Floor Is Void
      596End of Dragons16252End of Dragons: Act 3To Catch a Spider
      597End of Dragons16242Crow Catcher
      598End of Dragons16449New Kaineng Insight: Lutgardis Plaza
      599End of Dragons16421Sticky Fingers
      600End of Dragons16122Dragon's End Insight: Warehouse
      601End of Dragons16156End of Dragons: Act 4In the Name of the Law
      602End of Dragons16507New Kaineng Insight: Pool of Tranquility
      603End of Dragons16256Not-So-Peaceful Shrine
      604End of Dragons16132Kaineng Blackout
      605End of Dragons16292Mysteries Deep Within
      606End of Dragons16281Seitung Province Insight: Abandoned Temple Rooftop
      607End of Dragons16323The Scenic Route
      608End of Dragons16277Seitung Province Insight: Northern Cherry Blossom
      609End of Dragons16249Echovald Wilds Insight: Fort Aspenwood
      610End of Dragons16513Harvest Temple
      611End of Dragons16146Fallout
      612End of Dragons16354Aetherblade Hideout
      613End of Dragons16070Seitung Province Insight: Affluent House
      614End of Dragons16461The History of New Kaineng
      615End of Dragons16325Vengeance Is Not Yours
      616End of Dragons16140A Strange Diet
      617End of Dragons16175Looking Back
      618End of Dragons16404Dragon's End Insight: Brotherhood Rooftop
      619End of Dragons16238Echovald Wilds Insight: Ancient Archives
      620End of Dragons16243Kaineng Overlook
      621End of Dragons16199Old Friends
      622End of Dragons16356Lost Lore
      623End of Dragons16161Arborstone Hide-and-Seek Master
      624End of Dragons16090End of Dragons: Act 1 Mastery
      625End of Dragons16268Empty
      626End of Dragons16395Dragon's End Insight: Quarry Crane
      627End of Dragons16351Echovald Wilds Insight: Altrumm Mines Catacomb
      628End of Dragons16105Seitung Province Insight: Zen Daijun Cat Island
      629End of Dragons16261A Guardian Once More
      630End of Dragons16302The Six
      631End of Dragons16176Stomping Around
      632End of Dragons16406Dragon's End Insight: Jade Waves
      633End of Dragons16164Simpleminded
      634End of Dragons16377Dodger of Darkness
      635End of Dragons16207The Haunted Altar
      636End of Dragons16128New Kaineng Insight: Salvage Yard
      637End of Dragons16170Hold Out
      638End of Dragons16118Trials of the Tengu
      639End of Dragons16087Seitung Province Insight: Shore Peaks
      640End of Dragons16080Extraction Point
      641End of Dragons16124Thirsty Tourist
      642End of Dragons16226Echovald Wilds Insight: Qinkaishi Basin
      643End of Dragons16477New Kaineng Insight: Lutgardis Plaza Rooftop Garden
      644End of Dragons16419Deepest Secrets
      645End of Dragons16267Seitung Province Insight: Dreary Caves
      646End of Dragons16259The Future in Jade
      647End of Dragons16076Echovald Wilds Insight: Cemetery Pond
      648End of Dragons16095Seitung Province Insight: Monastery Temple
      649End of Dragons16149Seitung Province Insight: Zen Daijun Temple
      650End of Dragons16102Echovald Wilds Insight: House zu Heltzer
      651End of Dragons16401End of Dragons: Act 3 Mastery
      652End of Dragons16104Seitung Province Insight: Crystal Cave
      653End of Dragons16160Ultimate Dragon Champion
      654End of Dragons16338Echovald Wilds Insight: Temple of the Dredge
      655End of Dragons16214New Kaineng Insight: Petrified Shipping Docks
      656End of Dragons16177New Kaineng Insight: Ministry Ward Waypoint
      657End of Dragons16462Echovald Wilds Insight: Saprophyte's Pond
      658End of Dragons16282The Hidden Vault
      659End of Dragons16100Seitung Province Insight: Airship Wreckage
      660End of Dragons16365New Kaineng Insight: Shipwreck Graveyard
      661End of Dragons16127Shock-Wave Jumper
      662End of Dragons16464Jumping Training
      664Secrets of the Obscure17124Mastery InsightsAmnytas Insight: Windy Bluff
      666Secrets of the Obscure17035AmnytasNourish Natural
      667Secrets of the Obscure17202Skywatch Archipelago...Back Again
      668Secrets of the Obscure16966Amnytas Insight: The Debate Hall
      669Secrets of the Obscure16970Skywatch ArchipelagoSkyscale Target Practice in Skywatch Archipelago: Silver
      670Secrets of the Obscure17086Skywatch Archipelago Insight: Rata Novus Outcrop
      671Secrets of the Obscure17104Secrets of the Obscure: Act 1Secrets of the Obscure: Act 1 Mastery
      672Secrets of the Obscure17203Secrets of the Obscure: Act 2Secrets of the Obscure: Act 2 Mastery
      673Secrets of the Obscure17022Tower Insight: A Bird's Eye View
      674Secrets of the Obscure17102Tentacle Toppler
      676Secrets of the Obscure17221Secrets of the Obscure: Act 3The World Spire
      677Secrets of the Obscure17222Oblige Obscure
      679Secrets of the Obscure17176Cultivate Celestial
      680Secrets of the Obscure17066The Wizard's TowerWizard's Tower: Fly by Night—Silver
      681Secrets of the Obscure17024The Wizard's TowerKeep It Up
      682Secrets of the Obscure17093Skywatch Archipelago Insight: Skyscale Sanctuary
      683Secrets of the Obscure17208Solidifying Strength
      684Secrets of the Obscure17006Skywatch Archipelago Insight: War God's Spire
      686Secrets of the Obscure16991Amnytas Mastery
      687Secrets of the Obscure17163Secrets of the ObscureCosmic Observatory Strike Mission
      688Secrets of the Obscure16972Bringing Balance
      691Secrets of the Obscure17148Hide-and-Seek in the Wizard's Tower: Master
      692Secrets of the Obscure17046Amnytas Insight: Celestial Pilaster
      693Secrets of the Obscure17014Secrets of the Obscure: Act 3 Mastery
      694Secrets of the Obscure17162Mother of Stars
      695Secrets of the Obscure17182Amnytas Insight: Balanced Perspective
      696Secrets of the Obscure17188Skywatch Archipelago Insight: Beacon of Ages
      697Secrets of the Obscure17010Tower of Secrets
      698Secrets of the Obscure17116Secrets of the ObscureTemple of Febe
      699Secrets of the Obscure17034Fantastic Flying Foxes
      700Secrets of the Obscure17244Horn of MaguumaWeaponmaster Training
      701Secrets of the Obscure17115Skywatch Archipelago Insight: The Fractured Tower
      703Secrets of the Obscure17095Protector of the Rata Novus Promenade and Primal Maguuma
      704Secrets of the Obscure17177Skywatch Archipelago Insight: Southern Clearing
      705Secrets of the Obscure17211Into the Obscure
      706Secrets of the Obscure16982Wizard's Tower: Skyscale Target Practice—Silver
      707Secrets of the Obscure17175Hell Breaks Loose
      708Secrets of the Obscure16979Comrades in Arms
      709Secrets of the Obscure17159Protector of Jade Mech Habitation Zone 03
      710Secrets of the Obscure17055Rise and Shrine
      711Secrets of the Obscure17045Amnytas Insight: Caveside Lookout
      712Secrets of the Obscure17231Rift HuntingRift Sealer
      713Secrets of the Obscure17089Mabon's Fate
      714Secrets of the Obscure17027Protector of Droknar's Light
      715Secrets of the Obscure16999Amnytas Insight: Obscured by the Clouds
      716Secrets of the Obscure17213Amnytas Insight: Bastion Shallows
      718Secrets of the Obscure16964Kryptis Generals
      719Secrets of the Obscure17209Amnytas Insight: The Arboretum
      720Secrets of the Obscure17172Treachery
      721Secrets of the Obscure16965Secrets Obscured
      722Secrets of the Obscure17150Skywatch Archipelago Insight: MinSec Server Room
      723Secrets of the Obscure16997The Missing Facet
      724Secrets of the Obscure17125Skywatch Archipelago Insight: Rata Novus Foundations
      725Secrets of the Obscure17171Skywatch Archipelago Insight: Above the Jungle
      727Secrets of the Obscure17091Voices beyond the Veil
      729Secrets of the Obscure17079Protector of the Skyward Marches
      731Secrets of the Obscure17081Protector of the Beacon of Ages and Garenhoff
      732Secrets of the Obscure16977Amnytas Insight: The Plaza of Wisdom
      733Secrets of the Obscure17216Skywatch Archipelago Insight: Under the Dunes
      734Secrets of the Obscure17016Skywatch Archipelago Insight: Droknar's Mines
      735Secrets of the Obscure17173Wizard's Tower Trial: Gold
      737Secrets of the Obscure17201Rift HuntingUnseen Invasion
      739Secrets of the Obscure17000Tower Insight: The Apex
      740Secrets of the Obscure16974Nurture Knowledge
      741Secrets of the Obscure17218Skywatch Archipelago: Unlocking the Wizard's Tower