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To submit your wrapper for inclusion on this page, please post your info on the talk page.

Active Projects (Updated within the last year)

Developer(s) Website/Application Name Description Language/Platform Last Updated
Ruhrpottpatriot.7293 https://github.com/Ruhrpottpatriot/GW2.NET Gw2.NET C# Implementation (Library) of the GW2 public API C# 01 Feb 2018
smiley.1438 https://github.com/GW2Wiki/widget-map-floors Widget:Map floors A widget to show Guild Wars 2 maps in MediaWiki using the GW2 API. JavaScript 15 Sep 2019
smiley.1438 https://github.com/codemasher/gw2-database gw2-database PHP 7.2+ tools to create and maintain local SQL databases from API data, including a search front-end PHP 09 Jul 2018
Seal.5964 https://github.com/yasvisu/gw2api Go GW2API GW2API package for Go Go 30 Apr 2019
darthmaim.6017 https://github.com/gw2treasures/gw2api gw2api PHP Wrapper for the v2 API supporting authenticated endpoints and parallel requests. PHP 20 Mar 2019
Nithanim.5243 https://github.com/Nithanim/gw2api gw2api Simple to use gw2api for java Java 20 Jan 2019
Teranas.6150 https://atmospherejs.com/teranas/gw2api teranas:gw2api A Meteor implementation of an API wrapper. Meteor 19 Mar 2016
cisco.9510 http://freiwildjäger.de/GW2/JavascriptAPI GW2 Javascript API Supports all APIv1 and APIv2. JavaScript 25 May 2017
Athelas.1304 https://github.com/xhsun/gw2wrapper gw2wrapper Guild Wars 2 API Wrapper for Android and Java Java 10 Dec 2017
Booch.5938 https://github.com/JuxhinDB/gw2-api-interface GW2 API Interface Robust, Lightweight GW2 API Wrapper for Python Python 06 Jul 2018
jbthejoker.9725 https://github.com/Zhendryk/GW2API GW2API A simple Swift wrapper for the Guild Wars 2 API Swift 10 Jan 2019
queicherius.2563 https://github.com/queicherius/gw2api-client gw2api-client Javascript wrapper for the official Guild Wars 2 API. JavaScript 11 Apr 2019
Index.6425 https://github.com/parix/gw2 gw2 Ruby Gem gw2 Ruby Gem. Another Ruby implementation for the GW2 API Ruby 13 Jun 2018
mtodor.2356 https://github.com/mtodor/gw2emblem JavaScript Lib for Guild Emblem generation JavaScript 27 Mar 2018
Kryszak.5163 https://github.com/Kryszak/gwatlin Gwatlin Guild Wars 2 API client written in Kotlin Kotlin 07 Nov 2019

Inactive Projects

Developer(s) Website/Application Name Description Language/Platform Last Updated
mocnik https://github.com/mocnik/gw2api/tree/v0.1 Python Wrapper for Guild Wars 2 official API Python 21 May 2013
kevinvitale https://github.com/KevinVitale/GW2Kit GW2Kit for iOS & OS X GW2Kit for iOS & OS X. Implementation of the GW2 API library for OS X and iOS Objective-C 21 Aug 2014
Varonth.5830 https://code.google.com/p/j-gw2-api/ jGW2API jGW2API. Implementation of the GW2 API library for Java Java 20 Jun 2013
Naranek.2570 https://github.com/koshrf/rgw2 A Ruby Wrapper  A Ruby Wrapper. Ruby wrapper for the GW2 API Ruby 22 May 2013
Fyr https://github.com/oliverschwarz/gw2api PHP Implementation for the GW2 API PHP 22 May 2013
Rohan.1403 https://github.com/Rohansi/GwSharp Gw# GW#. Another C# Implementation for the GW2 API C# 25 May 2013
Sorrow.7384 https://github.com/defunctl/Gw2-SDK Gw2 PHP SDK Gw2 PHP SDK. Yet another PHP implementation of the GW2 API PHP 5 Feb 2014
Chaba.5410, alkaaran.3258 https://drupal.org/sandbox/Sborsody/1999472 GW2 Drupal module Drupal module; displays data on Drupal websites; PHP 5.3+ Drupal 21 May 2013
zwei.9073 https://code.google.com/p/gw2api/ GW2API API interface in Java for Guild Wars 2 game Java 23 Jun 2013
Parthis.2091 https://forum-en.gw2archive.eu/forum/community/api/DurmandPriory-Objective-C-API-for-iOS-OSX Durmand Priory Objective-C – iOS and OSX wrapper Objective-C 06 Jun 2013
TimeBomb.3427 https://github.com/TimeBomb/GW2NodeLib GW2NodeLib JSON Api Library for Node.js Node.js 01 Jun 2013
Kaz.7386 https://github.com/JasonKaz/gw2-js-api-wrapper GW2 JS API Wrapper JavaScript 25 Aug 2013
GamePlayer.9165 https://github.com/GamePlayern/jquery-GuildWars2-tooltip jQuery GuildWars2 tooltip JavaScript 27 May 2013
Lumiere.4069 https://github.com/jstraw/python-guildwars2 python-guildwars2 OO guildwars2 library Python 26 May 2013
Nexun.6932 https://github.com/jamesmcfadden/Php-Gw2-Api PhpGw2Api PHP 5.3+ Wrapper PHP 13 Jun 2016
Frugghi.9046 https://github.com/Frugghi/GW2API GW2API for ObjC Objective-C framework for iOS and OS X Objective-C 9 Oct 2013
Heimdall.4510 https://gw2apicpp.codeplex.com GW2API C/C++ Library Project C/C++ (the C-part can be used in any C derived language) library for the Guild Wars 2 API C/C++ 13 Oct 2013
Rawrfaec.6412 https://bitbucket.org/jokum/gw2 GW2++ C++11 Wrapper C++ 21 Jun 2013
Atlan.6180 https://github.com/atlan79/Gw2-SDK Gw2 PHP SDK PHP 5.3+, extends Sorrow.7384's Gw2 PHP SDK PHP 26 Jun 2013
Taleria.7810 https://github.com/bramdevries/guildwars2 bramdevries/guildwars2 PHP wwrapper PHP 13 Jul 2013
Caldrick.6920, Talus.1402 https://gwapinet.codeplex.com/ GwApiNET .NET wrapper providing 1 to 1 object mapping and object data caching. Also allows custom data caching schemes. Implementation for gw2stats.net API bundle and exposing Mumble Link Positional Audio information completed. C# 15 Sep 2013
ElGreenGo.6734 https://github.com/uselesscode/gwII gwll JavaScript library, jQuery Deferred objects to allow easy asynchronous API access JavaScript 20 Sep 2013
murven.7581 https://polarisgw2.codeplex.com/ C# port, using the Portable Class Library (Windows Desktop, Windows 8, Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8 and potentially Xbox One); API developed by Herberth Madrigal (yogurt.2985) C# 27 Sep 2013
Keider.8652 https://github.com/EtienneLamoureux/durmand-scriptorium Durmand Scriptorium PHP package to consume the Guild Wars 2 API PHP 07 Dec 2014
CuriouslyStrong.6925 https://github.com/ngenator/guildwars2api/ GuildWars2API A Python wrapper for the Guild Wars 2 API. Python 17 Jan 2016
DarkSpirit.7046 https://github.com/DarkSpirit444/GW2JavaScriptLib Gw2 Events Javascript library Supports Windows Scripting Host as well as web pages, both synchronous and asynchronous calls for XmlHttpRequest, both XmlHttpRequest and XDomainRequest (untested) JavaScript 25 Jan 2016
Lulan.8497 https://bitbucket.org/Lul4n/yagw2api/ YAGW2API Provides simple integration for MumbleLink, Anet WVW API, GW2Stats API etc. in Java Java 15 Aug 2015
farshid.5048 https://bitbucket.org/farshidhss/gw2api-lampy GW2API-Lampy Python Wrapper for both v1 and v2 of the API, supporting authenticated endpoints and parallel requests. Python 29 Jul 2015
Side.3489 https://github.com/sidewinder94/MumbleLink-CSharp-GW2 MumbleLink-CSharp-GW2 A C# wrapper for use with the MumbleLink API C# 13 Nov 2017
smiley.1438 https://github.com/codemasher/gw2api-tools gw2api-tools PHP 5.4+ examples of API use PHP 10 Apr 2016