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Material Storage is a tab within the account vault that stores many of the crafting materials. It can be accessed from both the Bank and Crafting stations. Items can be deposited directly to the Material Storage at any time and from any location by using 'Deposit All Materials' button in the character's inventory, providing that storage for this type of material is not full.

The maximum amount of each material stored is one stack (250 units); this number can be increased up to a total of 10 stacks (2500 units) by purchasing the Material Storage Expander upgrade from the Gem Store.

Storage overview[edit]

Basic Crafting Materials (79)[edit]

Intermediate Crafting Materials (64)[edit]

Advanced Crafting Materials (132)[edit]

Ascended Materials (58)[edit]

Gemstones and Jewels (60)[edit]

Cooking Materials (135)[edit]


Cooking Ingredients (37)[edit]

Scribing Materials (69)[edit]

Festive Materials (19)[edit]


  • The 25th July 2017 update saw the addition of several materials to the material storage, in addition to renaming three of the sections:
    • Common Crafting Materials → Basic Crafting Materials
    • Fine Crafting Materials → Intermediate Crafting Materials
    • Rare Crafting Materials → Advanced Crafting Materials
  • When Path of Fire launched, many new collectibles were added, but some did not have a storage space initially. Storage spaces were made available not so long after. [1]
  • As of some time where materials were reordered/more made eligible for the material storage; when having the material storage open while depositing a material into it the material storage will not scroll the place for the material just deposited into view propperly for some materials (e.g. Icy Runestones) while doing it as expected for others (e.g. Strawberries).
  • There are two slots for Piles of Soybeans, one being in Cooking Materials and the other in Cooking Ingredients.


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